Looking back consciously helps in looking forward with more vigour, better understanding and umpteen ideas.  Last year we successfully hosted a pretty cool mega industry event, delighted partners, old and new, launched the only event-based Community platform and well, our team grew from 10 to 30+, and we did win an award - ISACA Innovative Solutions Award 2022. The difference a year can make! 

Let us scroll down to see what Eventcombo accomplished and learnt from 2021. 

Shall we? 

1. Eventicon 2021–The Comeback  

The Eventcombo team planned and executed Eventicon 2021–The Comeback, most exciting inaugural industry event ever.  

Eventicon 2021 was a virtual two-day event, which hosted an impressive line-up of globally reputed speakers, industry influencers, and event experts. 

This event aimed to collectively bring together global thought leaders to discuss the future of events, in addition to evaluating the impact of these fast-paced changes on different industries and businesses. The growing trend of “Phygital” (physical+digital) events was the high point of discussions.  

Karen Loftus, Adventuress in Chief of Women's Adventure Travels was the emcee for the event. The speakers shared success stories and best practices, which lead to enthusiastic participation by attendees via Fireworks™ by Eventcombo, a virtual and integrated event platform.  

Speakers at Eventicon 2021 included: 

- Kaneisha Williams | Founder, Black In Events Network 

- Briana Snellgrove | CEO, Social Icon

- Samiran Ghosh | Forbes Tech Counsil Member, Senior Research Fellow 

- Shannon Sprau | Chief Event Officer, Meridian 360 

- Todd Embley and Luke Tobin | Fireside Chat: Secret to Successful Start-ups — Moderated by Karen Loftus 

- Tim Hughes | Co-founder & CEO, DLA Ignite  

- Ella Glasgow | CEO & Executive Producer, Beyond Virtual Events 

- Ethan Berg | Founder & CEO, Agora World Inc and many others  

2. Eventcombo Launched Wellness Works on Fireworks™ 

Eventcombo organized a virtual wellness event. The session’s aim was to help in reducing stress, and thus strengthen the immune system with the incorporation of guided meditation and yoga sessions.  

Wellness Works was organized on August 4, 2021 on Firework™ by Eventcombo. This daylong event was packed with powerful sessions. Wellness and fitness experts advised on strategies that can be easily adopted to achieve mental and physical well-being. 

3. Kennesaw State University (KSU)—education events reinvented 

KSU hosted a state of the art first of its kind virtual career fair on Fireworks™ by Eventcombo. Students discovered new employment opportunities and got a chance to interact with over 30 employers in a consolidated event.  

Disruptions in the education sector weren’t uncommon last year, and Eventcombo’s innovative solution helped hundreds of students and employers to network in meaningful ways. Nicole Pearce, Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships at KSU shared her experience over a live show hosted on October 6, 2021.  

“Students at KSU faced major challenges this year in connecting with employers and participating in career fairs. We have found a perfect virtual solution in Fireworks™ by Eventcombo. It offers unlimited customization, easy navigation and hassle-free login, and provides ease of access,” shared Nicole. 

Having tried and tested nine (yes, nine) different platforms, Nicole still couldn’t find the perfect solution to resolve the needs of KSU.  

Eventcombo team resolved the issue under a single dashboard setting.  

Eventcombo was Nicole’s first choice for the following reasons:  

  1. Customization, easy navigation for all parties involved  
  2. Innovative design and multiple virtual rooms  
  3. No application download required  
  4. Automatic reminders for students, clickable links, and handouts Fireworks™ by Eventcombo created space for students and employers to network.

4. All-New 2021 Toyota Sienna Presents Virtual Bollywood Magic  

This event was organized to launch Toyota’s revamped 2021 Sienna minivan. The potential target audiences were Asians residing in USA. Celebrity guest Ankur Bhatia, and magician Farhan of Brown Magic kept the audiences enthralled and captivated to this virtual Bollywood magic event with as showroom. 

5. Virtual Company Off-site—an employee engagement event on Halloween  

On the occasion of Halloween, Eventcombo organized a fun company offsite on Fireworks™ by Eventcombo for its remote employees. The event had games, quizzes, trivia, and an award ceremony. There was a Halloween costume contest, and employees were asked to submit their spookiest pictures.  

The aim of organizing this event was to connect remote teams outside of work to celebrate. Virtual events are perfect to engage employees, and to reinvigorate the workplace with enthusiasm.  

Fireworks™ by Eventcombo offers unlimited solutions for managing in-person, virtual and phygital events. 

6. Eventcombo Received ISACA Award 2022 

Eventcombo bagged the 2022 ISACA Innovative Solutions Award under the Global Achievement Award category. This award recognizes technologies developed by organizations to solve a business or a societal challenge.  

Eventcombo received this award for enabling community connections, and for innovative EventTech solutions.  

The year 2021 was a great learning experience for us. From new product launches, to hosting memorable events to winning an award to growing our team’s footprint. 

Together we achieved this all.