Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy / Anti-Spam Policy

Policy Coverage

This Privacy Policy covers Eventcombo's treatment of personally identifiable information that Eventcombo collects when you are on the Eventcombo site, and when you use Eventcombo's services. This policy also covers Eventcombo's treatment of any personally identifiable information that Eventcombo's business partners share with Eventcombo. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Eventcombo does not own or control, or to people that Eventcombo does not employ or manage.

Personal Information Collected by Eventcombo

ONLINE REGISTRATION: In order to become a Eventcombo member, you must first create a member account on Eventcombo by providing information about yourself including but not limited to name, email address and a password. Eventcombo checks for the validity of email addresses.

OPTIONAL PROFILE INFORMATION: Once your provide the basic information to create an account, you will have the opportunity to provide additional information in the Profile section describing your skills, interests, professional and academic background and favorites. Provision of this additional information beyond what is required at registration is entirely optional; it allows you to better identify yourself and create superior networking opportunities with others through shared context and enables you to better identify yourself and find new opportunities on Eventcombo. Your Profile information can only be viewed by other Eventcombo visitors or registered members or members of your personal network only depending on the option you choose.

FORMING YOUR OWN PERSONAL NETWORK/COMMUNITY: You can invite others to connect with you directly in Eventcombo by entering their names and email addresses. This information will be used by Eventcombo to send your invitation along with a message that you write. The names and email addresses of people that you invite will be used only to send your invitation and reminders. You will also have the option to upload your contact information either manually or via a computer upload directly into your own private address book on Eventcombo. All information entered there will only be viewable by you and will not be searchable by others in the Eventcombo network without your permission. All information that you enter or upload about your contacts will be covered by the same terms of this privacy policy as cover your own personally identifiable information.

RECOGNIZING YOU AS AN Eventcombo MEMBER: For Eventcombo to recognize you as a registered member, you must login with your login email and password. At the time of login, you will have the option to instruct the site to remember you so when you come back the next time to use Eventcombo, you would not have to login with your email and password. As is common in the industry, Eventcombo uses the technology of cookies and site log files to monitor user registration, to recognize registered members when they revisit the site and to track site usage. Our ability to identify you as a registered member allows us to customize the Eventcombo experience and to protectyour personal information based on your account settings.

INTERNET COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL INFORMATION: The communication standards of the Internet industry transmit the URL of the site from which you visit Eventcombo, the IP address of your computer, the IP address of your ISP, various attributes of your computer such as operating system, resolution and browser software, and the date and time of your various requestsfor pages on Eventcombo. Eventcombo file logging system automatically logs all of this information in its log files for its analysis.

NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS: Visitors to Eventcombo may also sign up with their nameand email address for a variety of newsletters that Eventcombo produces with varying frequency (e.g., News headlines) without having to register. Eventcombo confirms the subscription by sending an email to the email address specified before sending the newsletter.

We make every effort possible to enforce the strictest consequences on anyone who is found to abuse our website to spam.

If you have received an email from us and did not request to receive the email, please Contact Us immediately so we can investigate the matter for you and resolve the situation at once. Due to the nature of our website and services, you may receive an email from us for the following reasons:
a) If you purchase any product or services from our website.
b) If you are a registered member and subscribed to our mailing list.
c) If you email us and we respond back to your inquiry.
d) If one of your friends or family members or acquaintances sends you a link from our website.

We do not record your email address into our database for any reason, except only in the case when you voluntarily register with us. Just as you can voluntarily register with us and subscribe to our newsletter(s), you can also unsubscribe yourself by logging in and going to your account. If you have any problems or questions, please Contact Us and we will resolve your problem immediately.

Privacy issues are a high priority for us at Eventcombo. Eventcombo does not spam or sell/lease its user information to third parties.

Use of Information by Eventcombo

Eventcombo is an online website that offers a variety of services designed to connect people from around the world. The information, whether personal information of any form of self-expression is used to help you describe yourself to other users. Eventcombo also collects additional information in order to operate and improve our service. Eventcombo is the sole owner of the information collected on the Eventcombo site.

How can I request data deletion? 

You can send us an email at for data deletion. Please include as much information as possible regarding which data you would like to be deleted. The request will be escalated to the proper team for evaluation and processing. We will reach out every step of the way to keep you updated on the deletion progress. 

What is the data deletion process? 

Once data deletion is requested and account ownership is confirmed, the data deletion request enters our queue. Generally, the data is deleted within 14 calendar days of the initial request. During the deletion process data is securely purged from Eventcombo databases and servers. All related backup and log data will be deleted within 30 calendar days. Once data has been deleted it cannot be recovered. 

PROFILE SHARING CUSTOMIZATION: Whether you register on Eventcombo, what parts of your profile you fill, who you add to your network and what visibility levels you want to set for your profile are entirely up to you in the form of settings you can make on your profile. You also have the ability to change these at any point in time. Eventcombo will show the information to enable personal networking only based on your preference.

VISIBILITY OF NETWORK LINKAGES: Where applicable, the path of members that connect you with another member of your network will be displayed to that member. This network path will not be shown to those who are not members of your personal network.

VISIBILITY OF PUBLIC CREATIVE CONTRIBUTIONS: In addition to being a social and professional networking site, Eventcombo also provides a variety of forums for its members to express themselves in the form of articles, columns, opinions, comments, reviews, art and photographs. Since this expression is linked to the member's identity and the expression is in the public domain, the compilation of a member's creative contributions to Eventcombo will be visible to all visitors of Eventcombo whether or not they are registered members of Eventcombo.

VISIBILITY OF PRIVATE MESSAGES WITHIN NETWORK: You will be able to create and share messages within your personal network. The visibility of these private notes will be restricted to your network unless you or one of the members in your network choose to forward itto others within or outside Eventcombo.

SHARING OF INFORMATION WITH THIRD PARTIES: Eventcombo takes your privacy very seriously. Eventcombo will never sell, rent, or otherwise provide your personally identifiable information to any third parties unless it is to carry out your instructions and to provide specific services. As an example, we send your information to a credit card processing company to process a payment you have made for the use of a Eventcombo service. These third parties are bound by strictconfidentiality agreements which limit their use of such information. In addition, Eventcombo may share your information to send direct mailers or complimentary coupons/offers to a mailing agency to process postal mailing. Again, such an agency would be bound by strict confidentialityagreements that limit their use of such information.

EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS: Eventcombo generally communicates with you as a registered member of Eventcombo through the primary email that you have specified at the time of registration. This is also used as the login text string in conjunction with the password to authenticate you on the Eventcombo site. Your email and password are never shared with anybody within or outside Eventcombo. Eventcombo uses this email address to send you three types of communications:

  • Sending you emails related to the proper functioning of your account (e.g. when you receive a response to an event or deals inquiry you have posted on Eventcombo or when you receive an invitation to join the personal network of another person)
  • Sending you newsletters that you have subscribed to
  • Sending you occasional announcements about changes in Eventcombo's policies or promotions introduction of new services
  • Please note that these email communications may contain commercial messages of advertisers; however, Eventcombo does not provide your personal information or emailsto any of the advertisers; we just include the advertising banners they provide us in the emails that we send. As always you can opt out of the newsletters or promotional announcements.

PARTNERING WITH OTHERS: Eventcombo may partner with other online services to offer a combined service. Whenever we offer such combined services, Eventcombo will make it clear who the partner is and it will be entirely up to you to use or not to use the service. No personal information is passed along to any partner unless you instruct or agree to allow such sharing.

PROVISION OF AGGREGATE DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION TO THIRD PARTIES: Eventcombo reserves the right to provide aggregate demographic information of its member base to advertisers and others so as to attract pertinent advertisers to advertise on Eventcombo. We do not shared personal information of individual users with advertisers.

COMMUNICATIONS TO OTHERS FROM YOU THROUGH Eventcombo: You will be able to send emails to others -- members and non-members -- through the Eventcombo system. For example, you may send a comment on an article written by another member. Or you may send an email invitation to a non-member to join your personal network. In these instances, these emails will list your name and email address in the header of the message. The recipients of these emails initiatedby you will get to know your name and email address. Eventcombo is not responsible for how these recipients use this information. Your contact information will only be shared with another member only if both of you indicated you would like to establish contact with each other.

COMMUNICATIONS FROM OTHERS TO YOU THROUGH Eventcombo: Only registered members of Eventcombo are allowed to communicate with you through Eventcombo through a form on Eventcombo. Unless and until you respond to this email, they will not get to know your email address. You may, however, choose an account setting that prevents any other member from contacting you or inviting you to join their personal network.

DISCLOSURES REQUIRED BY LAW: It is possible that we may need to disclose personal information when required by law. We will disclose such information wherein we have a good-faith belief that it is necessary to comply with a court order, ongoing judicial proceeding, or other legal process served on our company or to exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

Accessing and Changing Your Account Information

You can review the personal information you provided us and make any desired changes to the information, or to the settings for your Eventcombo account, at any time by logging in to your account on the Eventcombo website and editing the information on your Profile page. You can also close your account through the Eventcombo website by sending your request to staff(at) with your login email address. You request will be processed within 7 business days.