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Now, your event never ends

The First & Only Event Community™

For the first time in history, create a community for your event to exist in perpetuity. Where you can continue the experience you worked so hard to organize. Where your attendees can continue interacting. Where you can connect supply and demand for long lasting value.


Easy Community™ Creation

In 60 seconds create your community. Eventcombo brings you an industry first: An event that is alive before, during and after.

Increasee Engagement

Increase (real) engagement

Allow engagement between your employees, members or networks before, during and after the event


Boundless capabilities with member communications, connections, events, activities, interests, chat and more
Private or Public

Private or Public

Community pages for Private or Public organizations

Offer Increased Engagement and Value

Your community, whether it consists of employees, students, members, followers or attendees, looks to you for engagement and value. Now you can offer them a simple platform, which provides exactly what they expect for content, programming and everlasting interaction.

With Community™ by Eventcombo, you can nurture your existing organization while growing

Send updates, create events, curate experiences for your community with a simple click

Learn more about your community’s behavior, what they are seeking and develop better programming

Increase Engagement and Value

Create Community™ Exclusive Events

Using our built-in member management capability, create specific events for your general public, your members or specific groups.

Create and share public or private events with your community

Share behind-the-scenes information and access using the community feed

Provide incentives and exclusive content to community members

Create Community Exclusive Events

For Organizations

Now, you have a central place to manage all of your event planning, programming and engagement activities like never before

Organize in a consolidated all-in-one solution

Stop using WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, LinkedIn and other ineffective tools for attendee communication and engagement

Send consolidated communications instantly

Brand-awareness and loyalty made easy

For Organizers

Why Community™ by Eventcombo?

Because you invest too much in your events and engagement programming to rely on fragmented solutions.

Boost Retention

Boost Retention

Approx. 99% (what a crazy figure!) of events experience droppage after an event is over. Attendees go their separate ways. No more. Now you can ensure ongoing engagement by creating a space for users to interact and generate additional value with minimal effort. Use real time business intelligence that leads to stellar programs and products
Increase Loyalty and Satisfaction

Increase Loyalty and Satisfaction

By providing your attendees with a centralized space for communication, sharing and collaborating, you increase time spent for and around your product or service. These touch points allow you to increase understanding and offer an improved experience with your brand
Maximize Revenue

Maximize Revenue

Use the increased touch points our Community™ space creates for activation of sales, refining qualification for your lead gen funnels and offering incentives based on intelligence and behavior. For the first time, you can identify trends to increase your bottom line due to real time, live activities
Create Advocates

Create Advocates

By giving a space for transparent communications, you will organically create brand ambassadors and increase viral demand. Use our Group feature to initiate interest-based discussions and programming. Create group leaders, empower your attendees to go beyond the event
Grow at Scale

Grow at Scale

With our unlimited model, there is no such thing as too small or too large. Our cloud-based solution allows you to calibrate and set the appropriate boundaries for your organization. If you have a community of 50 or 500,000 members, create a powerful engagement experience, Community™ by Eventcombo is built for scale
Support and Feedback

Privacy and Support

Ensure your community’s members are protected at all times by member-controlled privacy settings. No data is shared with any 3rd party and members maintain full control over what they want to share. Have any questions? Our 24/7 Helicopter™ human support is here for you

For Community™ Members

For the first time, you have a central space to meet fellow attendees, employees, students, followers, colleagues who you share a common interest or membership with and continue the engagement well beyond the event.

Now, the possibilities are truly endless with what you can do before, during and after the event.

Get updates from your Organization in a centralized space

Get access to exclusive events and experiences

Interact (email/chat) with fellow-community members

Make new connections, foster existing relationships

Host your public or private dedicated profile page within your community

Grow your network, expand your career within your industry or interests

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