A pretty common scenario – it's the start of the festival season and HRs, marketing teams, and in-house event managers have become very busy. Offices are going into overdrive; employee engagement plans are being reviewed and teams are being formed for events. In many cases, external event planners are being hired as well.  

The uncommon scenario happening this year - there is a ‘phygital’ (physical+digital) twist. Company offsites and employee engagement events are going virtual! While ‘in-person’ had been the magic mantra earlier, now senior HRs and company executives are starting to swear by the ‘phygital’ event done via platforms like Fireworks™. 


Companies get superb value, and the ‘phygital’ format is the need of the hour.  Employees across the world, can attend the event and participate in activities, safely.  Other benefits include, zero travel cost, zero hotel costs and no limits to the number of attendees.   

Are you planning the next company offsite, or an employee engagement event?  We have an example that can spark some great ideas for you.  

Keep reading. 

Team Eventcombo planned and executed a super fun virtual Halloween off-site, on Fireworks™ by Eventcombo. We had fun games, quirky quizzes, trivia questions and an award ceremony. ALL participants were thrilled with the chance to win prizes and Halloween photo contest ignited interesting fun filled conversations on live chat. 

Scene 1 – The CEO Kick Off. In style!

Letting your hair down and appearing in a Halloween costume is so much fun! Seriously. Every time you see Sally from the corner cubicle dressed up like a unicorn, or Philip from Sales dressed up like Santa, it really breaks the ice. Silos between teams start to break down and the level of engagement within the company changes overnight.  

 Scene 2: The Hauntastic Halloween photo contest and live polls  


Live contests and polls can create an instant buzz. We had a Halloween costume contest and employees were asked to submit their spookiest pictures and a ‘guess who’ game was played.  This led to many hilarious moments 😊...again, and again.  

Scene 3: Everyone likes goodies!  



Everyone likes awards. So, we had many. Some serious, some fun.  

Our Pumpkin awards had fun titles like Biggest Prankster and The Jolly Joker.  The team kept discussing the coolest moments of the event long after it was over.  

 Scene: Halloween Trivia (you’re no fun if you don’t play) 

We created fun games that allowed everyone to participate. The results were amazing.  The trivia host set up a separate breakout room, complete with a new background and a different theme. 

Scene 5: Lots of fun, for everyone! Prizes. 


So now you know, how to organize a smash hit company off-site. Head over to Fireworks™ by Eventcombo, here.