Isn't it spooky how 2021 is almost over? The year-end is slowly creeping up. It's time to wind down, and organize an amazing virtual bash for your team. Many companies have adopted a phygital (physical + digital) work model, and organizing a virtual event is the perfect employee engagement activity to supercharge your employees and reinvigorate the workplace with enthusiasm. Remote teams can mingle, celebrate and break down silos between teams. HR have long considered a company “offsite” as the best organization development activity, which produces immediate results by raising morale and enhancing intra team bonding within the organization.  

Let us take a look at how to plan a kick-ass virtual offsite for Halloween or other events: 

1. An attractive virtual party invite  

A virtual invite is a significant way to hype up your event. It is the first glimpse of what people may expect from your event. A visually attractive invite sparks interest! It generates conversations between people, and helps to build a buzz around the event. Invites can also be shared all over social media, which is a good way of brand promotion.   

Example: At Eventcombo, employees designed an attractive & spooky invite for their virtual company event.  

2. Host a virtual costume competition   

Halloween or not, people love to show up in a get up, so why not make it a contest?! 

An amazing way to jazz up a virtual theme party is to organize a costume competition. You can host this live, or allow each participant to show their costume through pre-submissions in the form of pictures or videos. Music can be included for an extra element of fun. In the example of Halloween, an attractive prize for the scariest getup will encourage people to make an effort. 

Example: Eventcombo is organizing a virtual Halloween themed, company offsite event. The event will be organized on our virtual platform Fireworks™ by Eventcombo - The event is packed with exciting games, fun competitions, treats, and a chance to win exciting prizes too!    

3. Trivia night  

Who doesn’t enjoy a great trivia game? Planning a virtual trivia game night is a fun way to stir up healthy competition among employees and teams. A virtual trivia game is simple to execute and moderate. Not just that, this is also a great team building exercise. At the end of the game, providing participants and winners with funny titles and fun prizes will add an element of thrill for all 

ExampleDecorate the virtual halls, add doses of Christmas cheer and create a Santa theme costume contest on Fireworks™ by Eventcombo to add fun to a Christmas celebration trivia night. You can also get super creative by including interesting facts, fun Q&A, movie soundtrack quizzes, or Christmas carols. Employees can submit childhood Christmas decoration photos or pictures with Santa, create TikTok videos, or Instagram reels too!  

4. Virtual video screenings for organizations  

If your team is looking for a low-key festive celebration, a virtual training session night is a good alternative. Fireworks™ enables a group to watch videos together, in sync and people can chat and interact during breaks with each other on the same platform. Colleagues can divide themselves into smaller groups according to their interests or selection. This works wonderfully for organizing any type of virtual training session across multiple geographies.     

Example: Fireworks™ by Eventcombo is an unlimited virtual venue streaming platform that offers an end-to-end event management solution. It enables users to live-stream a pre-recorded video broadcast. If your company is planning to organize a virtual training session for remote employees, Fireworks™ by Eventcombo is the perfect solution.   

5. A Virtual Campfire 

A virtual campfire can be organized by sending s’mores kits in advance. A typical s’mores kit consists of roasting sticks, chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Participants can roast their marshmallows over smokeless tealight candles or even on their stove during the event. Remember to be safe.  

Following this, a series of camp inspired game activities can be conducted too.  

Example: Outdoor themed trivia games, taking virtual panoramic tours of natural parks, or virtual scavenger hunts.  

Next time when you plan to organize a kickass virtual off-site, choose an all-in-one platform that offers unlimited solutions. Fireworks™ by Eventcombo offers an end-to-end  event management solution for your in-person, virtual and phygital event.