Interested in learning how to create a better phygital experience for your attendees? Check out what the experts, Briana Snellgrove, CEO of Social Icon, and Sarah Christl, Marketing Lab Director at Endless Events had to say at our inaugural industry event, Eventicon 2021 – The Comeback, hosted on Fireworks™ by Eventcombo, as they discussed all things about the phygital future of events!  

Don’t Abandon Tech in Events  

In a future of phygital events, technology is key! In order to engage both your in-person and your virtual attendees, technology is the only way to go. Technology is the prime reason why phygital events will work. People can connect from all over the world, attendees not at the venue can still be involved in Q&A sessions, and global networking can happen in real time. The inclusion of AR and VR in these phygital events is also happening, leading to richer and more interactive event experiences. Even if an attendee is sitting in their home, they now have the option of an avatar, and will feel like they are actually at the event.  

Learn more about the exciting future of technology in the event industry from expert Sarah Christl here.   

Make it Phygital 

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again! The future is phygital! In this new phygital world, attendees can become one community no matter their location, there are new forms of audience engagement, and many more ways to join and experience an event.  

Briana Snellgrove highlights an important point; in a phygital event, connecting both the virtual and the in-person attendees is key. Some people question phygital events due to the concern of virtual attendees being left out, and in-person attendees benefitting more. Snellgrove gives tips for how to make all attendees engaged. Learn more about her expert insights here.  

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