We are well aware of how virtual and in-person elements are integrated together for digital engagement of your audience, using various virtual event tech platforms. Hybrid events are a great way to foster social interaction for your brand.  

Many organizations have been using hybrid events to attract more audiences and increase engagement, at the same time they aim to provide a unique digital experience. Digital attendees get a chance to access curated content, and share similar experiences like that of in-person attendees. For this reason, many companies are investing in hybrid events to target a wider set of audience.  

Interesting fact – according to research by Etc. Venues, nearly 73 percent of event planners are predicting that hybrid events will continue to be more frequent in the future.  

Hybrid event platforms are enabling businesses to execute with little investment, less hassle, while offering a great user experience. This factor has also led to the rising popularity of mini and micro-events over big-sized events. Micro events are easier to conduct and can be more frequently organized, unlike annual mega-events.  

Let us now take a look at some of the interesting hybrid event examples and ideas to inspire you. 

Trend 1: Hybrid recruitment processes  

We have witnessed the rising popularity of remote work culture in this post-pandemic world. This has also given a chance for many major companies (such as Eventcombo) to have a diverse workforce across multiple nations. Along with the DE&I quotient in order to promote safety and adhere to social distancing norms, many companies are opting for hybrid recruitment drives/events. We will see an exponential increase of many international career fairs adopting the hybrid model.  

Kennesaw State University (KSU) was experiencing uncertainty in the process of hosting a career fair amidst the pandemic. Initially, the issue was so big that they were even thinking about cancelling their event. Nicole Pearce, Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships at KSU adopted the process of organizing a totally virtual career fair. This fair was organized on Fireworks™ by Eventcombo. Eventcombo’s hybrid event tech solution offered an opportunity for students to meet employers and vice versa for hiring purposes through unlimited virtual rooms. 

Trend 2: Hybrid workforce connects  

The pandemic has offered an amazing chance for employees to operate and work from the comfort of their homes. However, it has also pretty much- disconnected them from interacting with each other like the way they did in a physical office environment. To promote this organizational work culture, and ensure that employees aren’t getting disconnected, or experiencing a barrier of any kind; many organizations have initiated hybrid meetings. These hybrid meetings aren’t just meetings they are in fact life-size events. Virtual event tech platforms have enabled employees to keep a real-time connection with one another and appreciate the workplace environment digitally.  

If you want to know how organizations are organizing great virtual company offsites for their employees look no further!  

Trend 3: Virtual trade shows 

A virtual trade show is a great option for companies who are wanting to showcase and launch their new products or services. This is a great opportunity for business executives, product designers, and SMEs to come together on a single platform and interact with one another. The aim of a virtual trade show is to create an exact replica of an in-person event through event tech. For instance, offerings like customized virtual booths, interactive live streaming, breakout rooms, scheduled meetings and so much more can attract a huge number of audiences no matter what their geographical location is. This also counters many issues like, massive overhead, excessive expenditure, logistics, commuting, etc.  

Trend 4: Networking through AI chatbots 

Hybrid events these days are offering a plethora of networking choices to their event attendees based on their interests. AI chatbots will determine the most suitable match for your event attendee based on factors such as interest, job title, specialization, etc. Provide the best event tech support to event attendees through AI chatbots. This also offloads a lot of work from the organizing team. Through collaborative networking attendee communication can be simplified with day-to-day communication practices.  

Let us now take a look at some of the best hybrid events examples organized so far, these will inspire you! 

1. Apple Special Events  

Apple has been known for hosting larger-than-life, extravagant events. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, they changed their approach to hosting events. In 2020 Apple special events were organized in the virtual and hybrid format. But with COVID-19 in full swing, Apple had to reconsider its approach to its product launch events. As usual, Apple had outdone itself by using exceptional live streaming techniques and production quality. The landmark event changed the way the event industry has been operating. With Tim Cook on the stage, the entire team made sure to get down every detail in the most perfect and dynamic way possible.  

The extraordinary event showcased the product and its offerings to its in-person and virtual attendees.  

2. TwitchCon 

Twichcon is a leading live stream gaming platform, that hosts great large-scale hybrid and virtual events frequently. They have been pulling off the hybrid format exceptionally well. Their aim is to bridge the virtual and in-person audience gap in the most innovative way possible. They offered real time networking opportunities for their in-person and remote attendees.  

3. Johnson & Johnson 

J&J has been prominently utilizing the hybrid event format to launch and showcase their new as well as existing baby care products. Their aim is to offer an immersive networking experience to their event attendees. They offered a customized User Interface to promote the latest offerings through their hybrid event.  

4. Self-publishing shows live  

The self-publishing show live was a platform created for the budding authors who could self-publish their work. The event aimed towards hosting 1000 attendees with pre-recorded sessions, which were later made available for a $25 fee. One of the striking features was, they offered a money-back guarantee, in case the event attendee did not find their session insightful.  

The above-listed hybrid event trends will surely give great ideas to event specialists’ innovative ways of hosting great hybrid events. Are you planning to host your next hybrid event? Check out Eventcombo a complete Event-as-a-service platform, offering a holistic event tech solution. Book your free demo right away!