Education Events Reinvented highlights the growing use of technology in the education sector this year and beyond.  

Like many other universities, Kennesaw State University (KSU) was experiencing uncertainty in the process of hosting a career fair amidst the pandemic. Initially, the issue was so big that they were even thinking about cancelling their event. Nicole Pearce, Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships at KSU adopted the process of organizing a totally virtual career fair. 

According to Marklectic, nearly 80% of virtual event attendees join the career fair events for information and educational purposes. The next big reason for being a part of virtual events is to network.    

KSU, showing the way! 

KSU has successfully hosted in-person career fairs for their students, staff, and recruiters in the past. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, they were looking for a highly engaging virtual event venue with top level engagement and participation features.  Eventcombo presented an innovative event tech solution with unlimited features on a single platform. At the virtual career fair, there were more than 33 employer booths including KPMG, EY, Koch industries, Aprio and many others. These virtual meeting rooms were customized to host recruiters and students alike. The robust event management solution offered an opportunity for students to meet employers and vice versa for hiring purposes through these virtual rooms.    

Many big universities and education institutions have recently adopted to a series of virtual learning and virtual event management tools. This was done to overcome the shortcoming encountered due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

At, Education Events Reinvented, Nicole will share her insights on how the virtual career fair was hosted on an exceptionally versatile platform and had many benefits for students and recruiters.  The webinar will enable the participants to know how a powerful event management solution really makes a difference. This is a great opportunity for participants to get involved in a live chat with Nicole and ask a true innovator how they can do the same. The discussion will also revolve around how universities need to level up their game with the changing dynamics by adopting the latest advancements.   

Lastly, Education Events Reinvented will showcase an innovative event tech solution and give a holistic view of the endless virtual learning and networking possibilities in the education domain.  

If you are excited to know more about how KSU used this innovative platform for their virtual career fair, and how you can power your virtual events too you can join us for the live webinar that is scheduled for Wednesday, October 6th from 2:00 PM EST - 3:00 PM EST.