Women’s History Month is a month that highlights the vast contributions of women that made an impact on today’s society. You can check out different events that showcase the struggles of women in the past and how they’ve overcame them to help pave the road for women today. Women like Amelia Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, and countless others are commemorated for being courageous, brave, and strong. Take the time to learn more about Women’s History Month and check out these inspiring events in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia!

1.Monday Poets/Harriet Levin Millan & Jill Bialosky at Parkway Central Library- For all you fellow poetry lovers, this event was made for you! You’ll have the opportunity to meet two accomplished women poets discussing their new work as well as a possible open-mic session.

2.Women’s History Month Movie: A Ballerina’s Tale at The Whitman Library-Come on down and check out an amazing documentary about the talented ballerina, Misty Copeland.

3.Camille Paglia | Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, and Feminism at Parkway Central Library-If you’re a fierce feminist; mark this event down in your calendar! Camille Paglia has written inspiring work on modern feminism.

4.Dish It Up! at Cescaphe Event Group’s Vie-Philadelphia is once again hosting a female chef competition! This fundraiser will support Women Against Abuse, which is the city’s top service provider for victims of domestic violence.

5.#SPEAKUPPHL: A Feminist Art Workshop at New Century Trust-Looking to inspire other women through art? You’ll be joined by two feminist street artists in this fun workshop and learn to share your voice through art!

6.Women’s History Month at National Constitution Center-You’ll learn so much about the accomplishments of women past in this exhibition! Decode song lyrics by strong women; join a self-guided tour of Women’s History and so much more here!

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