Are you looking for fun virtual event ideas to delight your attendees? Fun activities add a quotient of entertainment which, in fact, can enhance the entire event experience. Hence, incorporating some unique and great concepts  will surely help you deliver a fun and memorable experience to your event attendees. 

Also, a memorable event experience is something that could be a prominent point of discussion days or even weeks after your event is over. Besides, entertainment and other fun elements offer content choices to the event attendees. Therefore, it’s important to remember that while hosting events, even an iota of entertainment works great in keeping the overall experience ‘alive’ and ‘kicking’.  

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Interesting fact: According to Holo Fair, nearly 49% of event marketers say that the number one technique to determine the success of an event is analysing the audience engagement – finding out how much the event interested them.  

There are an array of options available to make your virtual event  an exceptional one. Let us take a look. 

1. Interactive Ice Breaker Ideas 

A virtual ice-breaking session is a great way to kick-start an event. A small interactive activity like this can enhance the mood and set a tone for the entire event. The best way to ignite conversation among participants is to lay down a set of quick ice breaking questions or play an interesting game.  

  1. Spark interesting conversations with a set of “would you rather this or that” questions, followed by asking “why”. Such an activity will keep participants interested and drive conversations. You may include questions like: 
    1. Would you choose a great body or a great mind? 
    2. Would you rather be dumb and rich or intelligent and poor? 
    3. Would you rather live in Siberia or Sahara? 
    4. Would you time travel to your past self or future self? 
  2. If your event attendees are joining from various parts of the world (which they do in most of the virtual and hybrid events/conferences), another great game could be “where are you from”. You can also make a word cloud out of different locations they have joined from - more the number of locations, the bigger the word cloud would be.  
  3. “Describe in one word” is yet another interesting game where you can ask the participants to describe in a single word what they feel about a particular event or day in their lives. For instance: 
    1. How was your past week/ month: Describe in one word 
    2. How are you liking this event so far: Describe in one word

2. Storytelling / Guess My Job / Two Truths One Lie 

Storytelling: Storytelling isn’t just an activity; in fact, it can also be used as a great marketing tool. Our brain perceives stories in a unique way. When we hear something relatable, we form a picture in our mind. A good story may include important elements like a hero, their struggle, how they overcame challenges, winning, and touchpoints. A great way to carry out this activity is to encourage 3 or 4 people (beforehand, briefing them about the guidelines) to share their personal success stories, how they overcame their issues, etc. This could also be helpful in attendee profiling and creating an inspirational platform.   

Guess my job: This is yet another interesting game where every individual comes up with two statements about themselves and others will have to guess what their profession could be. Only a maximum of two guesses are allowed by the audience. For example, a digital marketer can come up with statements like 

  1. I nurture relationships with customers 
  2. I anticipate client needs and requirements 

Two truths, one lie: In this game, every participant comes up with three statements in which two of them will be true and one will be a lie. Others can ask questions based on those statements to get more clarity. Finally, people will have to guess which of these statements are true and which one is a lie.  

3. A Virtual Journaling Workshop 

There are many people for whom journaling, or in simple terms jotting down their thoughts on a piece of paper, acts as a safe place for idea or concept generation. Everyone can benefit from this kind of workshop. You can get a professional who can help everyone in guiding about the best practices, like what they could do in challenging times. There are different ways to do this and it could benefit everyone regardless of their age or profession.  

4. Virtual Photo Booth 

Using a virtual photo booth in the event enables organizers to create user-generated content. This also helps in marketing the event and is a fun and powerful way to engage the attendees. In addition to being entertaining, it could even go viral and help generate leads. In the world of Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, where selfies are a trend, a virtual photo booth might prove to be immensely enjoyable. After all, most people enjoy taking selfies and photobooths can also boost your advertising game.  

5. Hire A Virtual Sketch Artist or A Caricaturist  

A virtual sketch artist creates great, visually appealing, and customized drawings, in a couple of minutes. Therefore, inviting them over a virtual event is a great entertainment option to keep the event attendees engaged. The sketches can also be leveraged for marketing and lead generation. One can ask the event attendees to share them on their social media handles too (if they themselves are in the sketches, they would be more than glad to share them). 

The above-mentioned tips will surely leave your event attendees flabbergasted. You can also explore or invent other relevant ideas based on your attendee demographics! Having the right kind of knowledge about things happening around you will definitely give you an edge over your competitors. 

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