The aim of any hybrid event is to merge and bring together the best of a virtual event along with the in-person experience, which offers a great opportunity for both audiences. A number of organizations are eager to host hybrid events since it enables them to bring in-person event opportunities along with driving better ROI for marketing purposes. Over the last few months, countless organizations have utilized great event management software like Fireworks™ by Eventcombo, built on top of an existing in-person event management solution. Eventcombo has hosted over 45,000 event experiences with optimized engagement for all attendees.  

What are hybrid events?  

In simple terms, a Hybrid event is a blend of a virtual and in-person event. An in-person event has an audience, logistics, production, content, real estate and physical boundaries. Apart from these attributes, adding a virtual component to in-person event enables the participation of remote audiences irrespective of their geographical location and no boundaries.  

In simpler terms “the audience can participate and engage with the event irrespective of where they are” 

Engaging your virtual audience is the most important attribute of a hybrid event, or any event, actually.    

Hybrid events sound pretty exciting, right? But it takes a lot of careful planning and thoughtful preparation to make them a big hit.  

We have put together an event checklist that covers all the essential elements one needs to host a successful hybrid event.  

Hybrid Checklist! 

1. Make sure you pick the right venue for your hybrid event 

Choosing the right venue for your hybrid event is important since this determines how engaging and immersive the overall experience will be. Here, the venue becomes all the more important since you are delivering one event with a dual experience.   

What is the scale of your event? 

It is important to understand the “right” size of your hybrid event. This is crucial in order to pull a mind-blowing hybrid event experience within the boundaries you have set.  

Small scale: small scale events are those which are easy to set up and can be organized frequently, too. If your audience capacity is limited to 20 – 50 people, a simple room setup can be supported with little effort along with a small production team. Here, your technology requirement might be a video-ready conference room that can connect the two-audiences set together.  

Medium-scale: medium-scale events are those which are still relatively easy to set up in comparison to big events, but they are not that frequently organized. The audience capacity is around 100 – 300 people. It requires an enhanced production unit, with AV specialties. One can partner with a reputed AV firm to assist with medium-scale hybrid event needs.  

Large scale: large scale events are those which may be a little complicated to set up and not at all frequent. These events are organized on a much larger scale with an advanced production unit, complex structure, big budget with a significant investment.  

To host events on such a large scale one can partner with a reputed virtual and hybrid event platform like Eventcombo which fulfils any type of event requirement, be it in-person, virtual or hybrid.  

2. Technology! -- your core competency  

In order to provide the best-in-class hybrid event experience to your attendees, one must utilize the right technology platform that offers a holistic event tech solution in a single tool.  

The right technical equipment – a hybrid event may require additional sets of AV equipment along with backend technical staff.  

Wi-Fi – A high speed secure Wi-Fi (and repeater if required) is important for your event attendees, guests and speakers.  

Lighting and sound equipment – good quality lighting and sound equipment are required, other essential items include high quality microphones, LCD projector, video wall, speakers etc.  

Live streaming video equipment – since video streaming is an important aspect of the hybrid event therefore, remote video capabilities are essential for live streaming the event. Equipement such as projectors, screens, cameras (more than one). All these items can be easily provided by any reputed AV production company.  

A lot more extra space!  

To store the above-mentioned equipment, you will require extra storage space for keeping the equipment safe. Not just for storage purposes but for rehearsals, practice and preparation.  

3. Creating a compelling value preposition for your TG 

If you want people to participate in your event, be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid, the marketing needs to be super compelling! What is in it for your audience? Why should people attend your event?  As an event marketing expert, you must be able to give a clearer picture to your audience for e.g., learning opportunities, a chance to form new connections, meaningful networking, etc. Let us now have a look at the ways in which we can create a compelling value proposition for our TG and motivate them to participate.  

FOMO – the fear of missing out, some people are eager, not to miss out any opportunity of meeting new people, forming new connections and not losing out on the latest trends.  

Networking Opportunities – many people attend events because they want to expand their existing network, meet new people and explore newer business or learning opportunities.  

Learning Opportunities – some people are more interested in gaining knowledge and exploring opportunities to learn from industry pioneers. This way they can upskill their existing skillset with good industry relevant content.  

An appealing virtual package! one of the best ways to market your event which may appeal to tech-savvy groups like millennials is by marketing your virtual event tech platform.   Since, getting their hands on new technology and exploring it, greatly appeals to this specific age group it is also a good way to attract those youngsters who are introverts, who prefer digital mediums for their social interactions.   

Pro tip: Fireworks™ by Eventcombo is one such appealing virtual event package that offers unlimited benefits like: interactive live streaming, networking, unlimited breakout rooms, virtual booths, engagement through gamification and the list goes on.    

4. Create an event community  

Create a community for your event to exist in perpetuity. A feeling of togetherness is what enables people to network in a meaningful way during and post-event. A community within your hybrid or virtual event is a space that enables people to continue the experience, you worked so hard to organize. Not just that it will keep your attendees connected, engaged and connect supply and demand for long-lasting value. Want to know how to plan a sustainable event for your business or community? Check this out.  

5. Plan a hybrid nonprofit event

Planning a hybrid fundraiser will get you the best of both in-person and virtual attendees. The pandemic opened doors for flooded contributions to help the victims and those affected. A tangible and relevant cause will interest any attendee/donor, be it virtual or in-person, and you have to ensure that you have the right technology and tools to host a non-profit event such as a bidding software, and a clear mission plan to communicate to your donors and connect them to your activity. Because it is both online and physical, you have a major task at hand to ensure you have all the right pre-requisites such as a determined budget, speakers, or a panel who would orate about the cause. You also need to delve into technical and technological needs, such as establishing the target funds, size of donations, and the timing for your online attendees and donors. Make sure you do both exclusive and inclusive campaigns, broadcasts, press releases, and reaching out to sponsors just to make them aware how serious you are about your mission. 

Engagement and technology go hand in hand  

With the right tools and technology, one can enhance the attendee experience and encourage communication among participants regardless of their geographical location. For organizations, such tools are particularly useful because now, you have a central place to manage all of your event planning, programming, and engagement activities like never before. A consolidated all-in-one solution enables brand awareness, loyalty and makes communication super easy. This happens because now there is no need to use WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, LinkedIn + other ineffective tools for attendee communication and engagement. 

Pro tip: Community™ by Eventcombo is the first and only event community platform that ensures that your event is alive before, during and after event and that too in just 60 seconds!  

  1. With Community™ by Eventcombo, you can nurture your existing organization while growing 
  2. Send updates, create events, curate experiences for your community with a simple click 
  3. Learn more about your community’s behavior, what they are seeking and develop better programming

Eventcombo provides a smooth blend of in-person and virtual experience in an effortless way. To know more on how to plan great hybrid events check out.