Diwali is just around the corner! The festival is a wonderfully rich cultural experience of lights, colors, music and many other amazing cultural traditions. Many diverse communities across the USA and the world celebrate Diwali as an annual tradition at homes and workplaces. Why workplaces? The traditions of Diwali are also occasions to respect personal and business finance.  

Diwali is a great holiday to include all your company employees in a company celebration. If you go virtual with your Diwali celebration, you can easily include remote employees from around the globe. We have become quite accustomed to the digital interactions of a remote work culture, and therefore virtual celebrations are poised to become mainstream soon.  

This Diwali, plan your employee engagement event celebration in a green and clean manner. Light up your fireworks virtually on Fireworks™ By Eventcombo.    

Make it phygital! (physical + digital) 

Phygital is here, and phygital is the future! It is the key to connect in person and virtual audiences, using rich media and real time interaction. Company events are now taking the phygital route, simply because it offers better employee engagement, and attendees are able to have a high-quality event experience.  

Celebrate a green virtual event 

Many companies have taken up implementation of HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) initiatives, and plan to celebrate responsibly. This year your company can celebrate a clean and green Diwali with all stakeholder's by hosting a unique fun filled event.   

Up the EDI quotient for your company 

Celebrating cultural diversity is a good way to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion (DE&I) at your workspace. When implemented properly, DE&I has the potential to break down silos and bring diverse groups of people closer, despite differences. Your virtual event could create a sense of shared company identity which brings different people and teams together.  

Colorful Diwali ideas 

Host a virtual Diwali party and have interesting contests like virtual rangoli (traditional design) making competitions. Give prizes to the winning teams. This can make for a great fun filled team building activity. People love dressing up on Diwali, so a (OOTD) outfit of the day competition can be organized too. You can also make up online poker games and encourage all team members to participate.  

The Eventcombo team organized a smash hit virtual Halloween off-site on Fireworks™ recently! 

The Halloween off-site was packaged with fun games, quirky quizzes, trivia questions and an award ceremony. There were exciting prizes and gift coupons for the winners. The most exciting part of the event was the Halloween photo contest, as it had teams LOLing big time. The rounds of laughter and conversations continued long after the event was over.  

If you want to create a Diwali event for your company, click here.  

 Check out some snippets of the Halloween themed company offsite 

  • The scary face contest:  

The scary face contest created an instant buzz. Employees were asked to submit their scariest pictures and later a ‘guess who’ game was played.  Employees thoroughly enjoyed this game, there were rounds of laughter seeing scary faces of their colleagues.  



  • Fun games and trivia   

Fun games like trivia were organized, with a separate breakout room, complete with a new background and a different theme. 


If you want to organize a virtual Diwali bash for your remote employees Head over to Fireworks™ by Eventcombo