If you are looking to gain more control of your life, then consider trying hypnosis to help you learn how to focus and restructure your accomplishments. Learning the benefits of hypnosis can assist you with controlling your subconscious mind with more success, helping you achieve the goals you value in life.

The Value of Hypnosis

We all struggle with our current subconscious “programming”, which can create real barriers for our life goals. If your subconscious truly allows you to believe something about your reality, which often isn’t true, it can prevent you from achieving your full potential. For instance, take it that you believe you are lazy, even if you are far from it in reality, you might be allowing your subconscious programming to override what you can accomplish. Hypnosis allows you to re-program your inner beliefs at the subconscious level so that you can overcome the thoughts that are holding you back from doing what you would love to do. With that in mind, one workshop you won’t want to miss is Liana Khtsurauli and Sylvain Coulon’s Emotional Mastery Workshop. This event will delve deep into how you  better understand your subconscious mind, and take advantage of its natural tendency to hold you back in a multitude of ways.

The Founders

Liana Khutsurauli and her partner Sylvain Coulon, both Clinical Support Hypnosis Practitioners, created an Emotional Support Mastery Workshop that incorporates the practice of hypnosis to help people learn how to re-program their subconscious thoughts. Liana worked as a successful real estate agent for many years before she decided to study meditation, guided visualization, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) so that she could serve others. She worked for many years with Anthony Robbins, a famed motivational speaker who has successfully promoted self-help and motivational seminar ideas for years. She then studied at one of the best for hypnotherapy: The Hypnotherapy Academy of America. Since then, Liana has been providing sessions and workshops, and also works with people one-on-one.

Liana’s partner Sylvain Coulon met her while they were both studying at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. In the past 14 years, Sylvain has lived in a total of 8 different countries and has stepped foot on all of the continents. He has also started 4 new companies, and through his years of experience has developed a unique knowledge for human behaviors and beliefs. 

Sylvain has chosen NYC to open his private practice where he uses hypnosis technics, visualization, and NLP all with the aim to “heal the world, mind after mind.”

Sylvain shares his expertise by speaking about the influence and power of the mind at symposiums, radio shows, and conferences, including ones at universities such as Harvard.

Liana and Sylvain have decided to pursue their passion in hypnotherapy together after graduation. Ever since then, the duo have been presenting at various workshops and sessions to help others in achieving their goals. The two of them have created a very unique way to help people overcome their conditions, limitation, and challenges.

 Learn to Master Emotional Support July 11th

On July 11th, at the New York Open Center, Liana and Sylvain will be offering their Emotional Support Mastery Workshop, teaching people how to use hypnosis to reprogram their subconscious thought process. This process, in turn can get rid of the many thoughts that hold so many people back from doing what they would only imagine doing. Purchase your tickets by clicking on the following link: EmotionalControlMastery711.EventCombo.com

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