Are you a practicing vegan in or near Hudson County? Then come out to Jersey City to taste some fine vegan cuisine. We’ve got a tasty list for you to try, which should help you get your vegan menu on, while tasting some of the most enjoyable dishes out there. Below we’ve got the scoop for you on the best vegan spots to try in Jersey City.

Pet Shop

The Pet Shop, found on Newark Ave, offers a full vegetarian menu complete with awesome vegan options. In fact, the vegan food is so tasty here, some dedicated meat eaters have no problems ordering and consuming them. The vegan food is filling, and they have a wide variety of options, including salads, appetizers, sandwiches, and some excellent dinner choices. To learn more about the Pet Shop’s vegan menu, go here.

The Pet Shop is also a the perfect spot for a great night out in Jersey City. We featured it as one of the best bars in Hoboken and Jersey City here

Vegan Mondays at Orale!

Located on Grove Street, this is one of the best places for anyone who enjoys Mexican food. Orale has a wide variety of excellent frozen margaritas as well as several other great beverage options. They also offer a wide variety of tasty vegan selections, like vegan tacos and a wide selection of vegan guacamoles. Perhaps the best vegan guacamole options offered is their serrano marmalade, which is a cross between guacamole and delicious, spicy marmalade placed on top. On Mondays, Orale offers a larger menu for vegans. To read up on Orale’s vegan options, please go here.

Subia’s Organic Café

Found on Jersey Avenue, Subia’s Organic Café offers a whole host of delicious vegan options. On their menu, all of their vegan choices are easily labeled for vegan lovers. One excellent vegan dish here is the Vegan Protein Tuna Platter, made with greens, onions, tomatoes, soy protein tuna, and veganaise. The dish is served over organic steamed brown rice, and comes with a hearty salad. To learn more about Subia’s Organic Café, go here.

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