Eventcombo had a chance to talk with Aqua Cherry, a riff reggae band from New York. They will be playing at the Nutty Irishman, along with others, on November 19th. Before you check out their show, learn a little more about their history, style and what’s next.

Joe: First, tell me a bit about Aqua Cherry – How you would describe your music, how long the band has been around and how was the band formed.

Aqua Cherry: Aqua Cherry is “Riff-Rock Reggae”. Danceable grooves and thoughtful playful lyrics

Stu and a drummer friend had been playing together in a ska and punk rock band, and were looking for some new inspiration. On a whim they answered a craigslist ad by a wide-eyed singer/songwriter (Derick) who was looking to start an acoustic rock project. Brian brought our signature guitar sound roaring to life, and Chad joined on drums, giving the band just the right balance of power and finesse. Aqua Cherry was born!

The line-up has changed since the first four members. However, our commitment to making interesting fun music has not.

What are some other bands or artists that Aqua Cherry draws influence from?

The biggest influence on our music is our fans- it’s their energy, especially during liveshows, that drives us to write, perform, and put our all into the music wemake.

Some of the artists who influence us are: Bob Marley and The Wailers, Steel Pulse, Dandy Livingston, Pink Floyd, Toots and the Maytals, The Clash, U2,

Can you tell me a bit about the albums Aqua Cherry has put out and if you have plans for more in the future?

Aqua Cherry has put out three studio albums: “So Pretty”, “Drowning in the Shallow End”, and “Auto Kiss Proof”. We are working on two singles, which should be out in January 2017.

Now a fun question, if you could perform in any venue in the world, what venue would you choose?

Aqua Cherry is always down to play any-place anytime, be it in front of 1 person or 10,000 people.

Besides the Fall Fest, what other shows do you have coming up?

Here is out upcoming show schedule:

October 29th, Portside Bar & Grill

November 4th, The Velvet Lounge

November 11th, The House Of Brews

November 19th The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale

November 23rd The House of Brews

January 12th 2017 The Space at Westbury