When planning a hybrid event, it is important to evaluate data by reviewing and analyzing reports. Insights gathered through reporting are an essential tool to gauge the success of any event. Eventcombo’s event planning and management tools help in automation of the entire event  process.  

By following the simple steps shared below, one can easily view reports specifically focused on attendee data, customized data or financial order reports. 

It's really easy too. Check out Kelsey's video, or Techy Tyler's guide to extract data like a pro!  

Go to your events dashboard and follow these simple steps. 

Step 1: Go to, My event > event Dashboard > Manage Attendees > Orders and Reports 

This page allows you to download all your reports. 

Step 2: Either enter a Name in the Search Orders field or under Filter Orders > select any of the options from the drop-down menu or select All Orders 

Next, there are three different reporting types. 

Option A: Attendee Report in HTML, Excel or CSV 

Option B:  

Step 1: Custom Report > filter by Columns > select the fields you want to include in the report like order number, order date, attendee name, quantity, etc.  

Step 2: Sort by column > select fields > additional filters > custom data > finally, click on - Export. 

You will be presented with your custom report. You can select some additional filters too, by the following: 

Step 3: Filter order level questions like: first name, last name, suffix etc > filter Attendee Level Questions (select from the drop-down list) > Filter By Ticket (include everything) > finally, click on Export option. 

Option C: Order Report, this is the Financial Report. Click directly on Export option to extract this report.  

By following the above simple steps one can easily view the information collected from event attendees in the attendee summary report. 

For more information on How to View Attendee, Custom and Order Reports on, click here.