Planning, creating and executing a great event experience requires precision and craftsmanship. In other words, it's an art as well as a science.  While choosing a good event tech platform like Fireworks™ by Eventcombo can go a long way towards making your event successful, there are several other factors you need to keep in mind to create super successful phygital (physical+digital) events. Below are 5 tips to create virtual event ideas for effective business events: 

Benchmarking against the best

Identify the best events in your industry when you are planning a virtual event. Do you know what you are trying to achieve? Be sure. Prepare a checklist of all the event accomplishments by your competitors, and aim to surpass their achievements in such a way that you would have created an industry standard. The results will astonish you. Benchmarking is a great way to raise your standards and surpass expectations.   

The magicword that begins with “E”, Engage, Engage, Engage! 

To jack up your virtual event and make it more engaging, one can incorporate several virtual event engagement activities like Q&A’s, live polling, live chats, to allow for the facilitation of substantive exchange of ideas. This enables community building and promotes the engagement of free-flowing ideas. People are always keen to have fun, so incorporating fun virtual elements and activities will lead to stronger engagement. 

SOP’s adherence for the current scenario

In the post pandemic era, safety is paramount. For safety, SOPs must be implemented strictly. Be prepared with checklists to follow safety measures. Ensuring CDC guidelines are met, and establishing and implementing social distancing will go a long way towards making an event safe. Don’t forget to keep track if people attending your physical event are vaccinated or not. This should be a priority.  

Creating an all in one 360-degreeevent experience  

A truly compelling event experience incorporates great webinar tools, virtual expo halls, good quality content, good speakers and presenters in the realm of online business networking events. All these small things in turn become a successful networking series of events in the long run. Our virtual venue solution Fireworks™ by Eventcombo allows a fully hybrid experience with its all-in-one event management, registration and ticketing platform. 

Treating your guests right

When you host an event, it is crucial to note how you are making your guests ‘feel’, one can hire professional greeters and hosts to greet and receive people warmly in your physical events. Make sure you engage everyone in your conversation. To create a human factor in virtual events one can also have virtual professional hosts greeting your attendees in a virtual reception or lobby. Design your virtual event activities in such a way that your guests shouldn’t be feeling left out or bored attending your event. 

The key to making your guests experience memorable is identifying how engaged they were or how great and insightful their experience was. How do you qualify and quantify this? Speak to us.