The Olympic games have always been celebrated as the pinnacle of human fitness as well as achievement and success. The motto of the Olympics since 1894 has been “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, and this inspiration has encouraged thousands of athletes, players, and people across the world. In a post pandemic world, as the ‘games’ unfold on the global stage, the themes of wellness, as well as mental and physical fitness assume a critical importance.  

“Wellness Works” on Fireworks™ By Eventcombo, is a virtual event which is poised to ignite conversations around mental toughness, physical fitness, and holistic wellness. Our reputed speakers at the event, go beyond theory and draw knowledge extensively from their rich life and professional experiences to share insights about mental health and physical fitness.  

Below are some of the speakers who will be sharing their experience with you during “Wellness Works.” 

Eric Rittmeyer is a US Marine Corps Veteran and an expert on Mental Toughness and Emotional Intelligence. He has counselled and guided large teams of professional organizations and individuals and helped them enhance their performances by understanding and controlling thoughts, feelings, and attitudes.  

Jeremy Asgari, Managing Director, OUTSIDERS, is well known in the health and fitness community and has been a long-time champion of improving the health and lives of the community through active, outdoor initiatives. His programs focus on bringing diversity to “outdoor culture”, and provide city dwellers an opportunity to make connections in a safe social environment. 

You know you can’t miss this #free #virtual #event now!  

‘Wellness Works’ is happening on August 4, 2021. Join the event here or scan the QR code below.