In the next few years the event industry is set to grow to $1.5 trillion from its current worth of about $1 trillion. There are two primary reasons catalyzing this immense growth. The now common virtual event landscape, and the introduction of phygital (physical + digital) events. Eventcombo is a fast-growing tech startup event management and production platform for event organizers, planners, C-Suite, and anyone planning or hosting events. Eventcombo gives access to event landing pages, publicity options, RSVP services, virtual talks, breakout rooms, 24/7 helicopter support, logistics, and booking services for parking and accommodations all in one transaction. Event industry watchers describe the rapidly growing company as the Amazon for the events industry. Given this context, it's no surprise that when Eventcombo launched its crowdfunding campaign via StartEngine, KingsCrowd promptly proceeded to give Eventcombo a 5-star rating as a positive investment opportunity.  OMG emoji! This is mega! 

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The company is using innovative marketing to be at the forefront of the event industry. Innovative product bundling is a key feature that separates Eventcombo from the service offerings of other large event companies. The event experience provided by the company combines transportation services like Uber and Lyft, along with parking services like ParkWhiz into ticket transactions. Other noticeable solutions on offer are private label services and data transparency. 

With its complete product in the event marketplace since 2017, Eventcombo has grown rapidly; hosting over 40,000 events. It has overcome the difficulties of hosting events during the COVID-19 pandemic and is aiming high. Instead of stalling innovation over the course of the pandemic, Eventcombo created its own virtual event platform, Fireworks™ by Eventcombo. About one year after the introduction of Fireworks™ by Eventcombo, the platform was used for an inaugural industry event, Eventicon 2021 – The Comeback. Eventicon 2021 showcased the future of events with 23 world-renowned thought leaders, CEOs, and industry experts from Abbott, Informa Markets, Agora, BizBash and more. Other older companies, said to have higher stature were unable to host an event close to the scale of Eventicon 2021. Eventcombo has also enjoyed servicing recognizable brands such as Toyota and PBS.

Investing in Eventcombo doesn’t just mean owning a part of it, it means many more perks such as free tickets to certain events, free event hosting on Fireworks™ by Eventcombo, and of course a way to branch into the multibillion-dollar event industry.  

Invest now and you’ll reap many benefits later. Apple, Amazon, Google, or Microsoft are all great examples where investments have paid off so well, that the lives of early investors have changed. 

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