Instead of joining in with the old-world solutions that big-name event platforms offer, Eventcombo has introduced the ability to completely private label your event experience. For too long, event platforms have been using your events to market their own brands and we have all been duped into accepting that as the standard. It is time to remove the 3rd party middleman from your events. Stop sending your customers to external sites for registration, ticketing, and everything in between. Take control of your brand. Keep your customer data. It is your data. 

Own Your Customers, Own Your Data 

Many event companies act as a barrier between clients and their data. When an organization lists its event, the company automatically keeps the consumer-based data and in most cases, repurposes it. As privacy and security have become paramount, this practice can no longer continue. It is time to change the industry and introduce best practices that protect customers and organizations alike. 

Remove the Middleman

With almost every other aspect of our business, we demand our consumer-facing experiences to showcase our brand and only our brand. But with events, we have somehow come to tolerate a 3rd party brand completely owning our customer’s entire experience. This is unacceptable. 

Eventcombo has now begun ensuring all of its clients start to experience retaining their brand presence, and not deferring to brand dilution. You will appreciate this and so will your customers. 

Customized White Label Solutions

We believe strongly that with our custom private label solution, Eventcombo can help you seamlessly integrate your event experiences into your websites. Allowing you to fully capitalize on your marketing strategies so your customers and business partners never have the experience of visiting an external interface/brand/platform. This creates a strong brand consistency for all of your company’s needs. Be it external like customer needs or internal events like town halls. This is your event and your time to shine. 

Unlimited Model

Fireworks™ by Eventcombo and the Eventcombo platform are different from others in the industry in that we operate on an unlimited model. Where other companies charge for each add-on, we offer everything at one price. Some of these special features include unlimited breakout rooms, 24/7 support, training, reporting, analytics, and so much more.

With all things considered, do challenge the status quo and take full end-to-end ownership of your events journey. For your attendees, for your brand, and for the very data that is now so valuable and should be protected. 

Planning and hosting a virtual event does not need to be as complicated as some virtual event platforms make it out to be. To join the movement of unlimiting your virtual events and removing the middleman click here.