With COVID-19 still putting a damper on large in-person gatherings, Valentine’s Day will be yet another holiday that needs to be celebrated virtually. 11 months into the pandemic, most people who use virtual platforms for work and school have gotten the hang of it. The same cannot be said for users who are trying it out for fun social events. The last thing anyone wants is for people to be discouraged from attending more virtual gatherings because of one bad experience. 

Just like during in-person events, we’ve learned things can go wrong with virtual events too. So, here are five tips to be as prepared as possible, if things take a bad turn.

First, understand that things can happen during a virtual event that are out of your control. For example there can be technical glitches and cancellations, but it is about moving past these issues making the most of your user’s experience.


Problems with Technology

When relying on technology, problems can arise. Be prepared. Expect the unexpected. Before your event double, even triple check that everything is running smoothly. Test runs take time, but they’re well worth the hassle! Send out an email with simple instructions to all of your attendees, such as how to check their wifi connection, to make sure their camera and mic work, and to make sure they have their charger if they need it. Sometimes the simplest of reminders could be what saves the event. 



Cancelations are another thing that can harm the success of your event. Prior to the Valentine’s event send out some reminders, and get your attendees EXCITED! After all, something sparked interest in them to sign up … keep that same positive energy going. 


Bad Attitude?

There is also the case of negative attendees disrupting your virtual event. Just like in an in-person event, a negative attitude can put a damper on things. Do what you can to assuage the concerns of the negative attendee. If possible, try muting them, or disabling their chat function. Worst case scenario, sometimes people need to be removed from virtual events. Keep in mind that if you would have someone removed from an in-person event for bad behavior, the same rules should apply during your virtual event.


A Gift for Your Attendees

Some of the most exciting parts of events are the gift bags! Why not shower your guests with a virtual gift? Try giving them a discount code on their next purchase, a free virtual magazine. Something really special to show them that this Valentine’s Day you’re appreciative of their support. 



Would you host an in person event at a venue that wasn’t top notch, didn’t have all of the features you were looking for? The answer is going to be no, most of the time. Just because this Valentine’s Day is a virtual one, doesn’t mean the “venue” can't be perfect. Fireworks by Eventcombo has it all! Interactive live streams, unlimited breakout rooms, and much more to make your next virtual event one to remember. For any questions about the features of Eventcombo or to request a free demo, reach out to 888-300-1958.

If you follow these five simple tips, your Valentine’s Day event is sure to be successful! Learn to accept that just like in-person events, virtual events are not always perfect. Realize you have to adapt when things in a virtual event don’t go as planned. Lastly, make sure to always give your attendees a great experience, no matter the problem you're facing, because Valentine's Day is about showing your users how much you appreciate them!