If you enjoy attending and running in racing events, you may have found that they can come a bit repetitive after a while. Most racing events are fairly similar in their standards, and if you’ve competed in them over a few years, you might be wondering if there is something a bit different that you can participate in to offer you a new type of challenge. That type of competition, called Questival, is arriving in Irvine on Friday, February 23rd and Saturday, February 24th at Orange County Great Park.

Questival’s Innovative Challenge

So, what is Questival, exactly? Questival is a race that last twenty-four hours and is designed to give you several unique challenges that will provide you with ample amounts of enjoyment. The race allows you to compete in a wide variety of different experiences that you probably won’t find in any other race.

Questival’s race this year will focus on outdoor adventure challenges that will make you laugh and want you to experience more. When you participate in Questival, you’ll be in a team of up to two to six people and together you will compete against other teams in outdoor adventure experiences that feature a variety of categories like camping, fitness, and teamwork.


This year’s Questival race happens at Irvine’s Orange County Great Park on Friday, February 23rd and Saturday, February 24th. Ticket prices are:

  • General Admission: $49 per person entering the event.
  • Group Discount of Four Or More: 15% off the price of four tickets.

Every participant will also be provided with some fun extras after entering the event. For each registration purchase, you’ll get a Cotopaxi Luzon backpack as well as some race swag. Also, by participating, you’ll be up against other teams to win prizes like trips, gear, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about the Questival race in Irvine, please visit the event website here.

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