If you love running and competing, then why not do something different for this year’s Chinese Lunar New Year, and register to dash for charity on either a 5K run/walk or a 10K run/walk. The Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 5/10K run/walk is always a popular event, and is one of the biggest Lunar New Year charity events nationally. You’ll get a chance to experience it on Saturday, February 24th and Friday, February 25th at 943 N. Broadway Street in Los Angeles.

Celebrate The Lunar New Year

LA’s Chinatown Festival Firecracker Race is an exciting event that is widely attended, and initially started in 1978, making it one of the oldest charitable Lunar New Year events you’ll find in America. Since its inception, it started to offer other events as well including a Kiddie Run and also a Bike Run. Also, a percentage of the profits from the event are given out to local elementary schools and non-profit companies to help make the Los Angeles community a better place.


LA’s Chinatown Festival Firecracker Race is slated to happen on Saturday, February 24th and Sunday, February 25th at 943 N. Broadway Street in Los Angeles. You will need to register on-site on either Saturday, February 24th or Sunday, February 25th depending on which day you plan to participate. The prices you need to pay per person to participate in the events are listed below.

  • 5K Run/Walk: $55
  • 10K Run/Walk: $60
  • 20 Mi Bike Race: $55
  • 40 Mi Bike Race: $65
  • Kiddie Run: $25
  • PAW'er Dog Walk: $25

If you are interested in learning more about LA’s Chinatown Festival Firecracker Race, then please visit their website here. To learn more about pricing and the event schedule, please go here.

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