If you love witnessing true creativity in action, then you’ll get the opportunity to see some wonderful art every month at The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, held the second Thursday of each month from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM on Spring and Main street, between 2nd and 9th street. The event happens once a month, rain or shine, and you’ll get to see plenty of innovation that’s well worth admiring.

Experience Local Art

At the Downtown Art Walk, you’ll have the chance to walk through the galleries that are set up for the event, taking in plenty of wonderful artistic creations. You’ll also get to meet and interact with plenty of people involved in the art community, and those that simply love art. So, socialize and make friends, and experience a fun, free monthly art celebration.

Besides taking in the art on display, you also can partake in a bevy of art events including openings, activities, and much more. If you are new to the art walk, it’s best to start at the visitor center, located at the Art Walk Lounge. At the lounge, you can grab maps, purchase local art, and even try out some promotional items. Also, if you don’t like large crowds, typically the earlier you arrive, the better, since more people tend to arrive at the walk later in the evening. While you experience the art walk, make sure you bring a little cash to purchase great food and drinks and some of the local shops found on the art walk.

Benefit Local Artists

The Downtown Art Walk Organization is a nonprofit organization working to support local art with several events and programs, like the art walk. By connecting the community to local artists, this organization hopes to provide connections for new local artists. To learn more about the organization and their event, please visit their website here.

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