This November, beer lovers can experience a real treat by attending some of the best beer festivals taking place across the country in celebration of America’s favorite carbonated beverage. We’ve created a list below for you of some of the best beer festivals happening this month, and you won’t want to miss the tasty samples and selections of brew you can partake in while getting to experience plenty of live entertainment, shopping, and fun.

Festival Of Barrel Aged Beers. Chicago

On November 10th and 11th at Chicago’s UIC Forum, you’ll get the opportunity to partake in the country’s largest celebration of barrel brewed beers. If you love craft beer, you’ll enjoy the lineup of selections, which includes a bevy of choices you can sample. At the Festival of Barrel Aged Beers, also known as FOBAB, some of the rarest types of beer will be on tap, and you’ll get to try some new creations as well. For more information on FOBAB, please visit their website here.

Brew In LQ Beer Festival, SoCal

On Saturday, November 18th, at La Quinta’s SilverRock resort, beer fanatics can attend the Brew in LQ festival, which promises to be full of great brew, excellent food, live music, and plenty of games. You’ll get to sample a bevy of craft beer choices while also enjoying some great menu selections and a day filled with fun entertainment. To learn more about the Brew in LQ Festival, please visit their Facebook page here.

Beer Tasting On Long Island, New York

On November 11th at Long Island’s Belmont Park Race Track, you’ll get the opportunity to sample over 100 excellent craft beers from both domestic and international breweries. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to meet some representatives from the various brewing companies to ask your questions about their various concoctions.  For more information on the Beer Tasting on Long Island event, please see their website here.

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