This fall, you can immerse yourself in Latin-American culture with a bevy of entertainment options, and much more at NYC’s Latin-American Cultural Week, happening from November 10th to 19th. The 12th annual Latin-American Cultural Week promises a variety of cultural festivities, including artists who will host a variety of dance, film, theater, literature, and performing arts events. Immerse yourself in the wonderful culture, and get your senses stimulated as you witness some cultural performances from some of the best Latin-American artists.

PAMAR And Latino Culture

Hosted by Pan American Musical Art Research (PAMAR), a group that started its mission in 1984, the goal of this year’s festival is to help promote appreciation and awareness of Latin American culture by helping to sponsor and put on cultural performances and events that appeal to an audience of all ages and backgrounds. By sponsoring and promoting local artists in the Latin-American culture, PAMAR helps connect these artists with mainstream society, and also helps to educate mainstream society about Latin American Culture.

This year’s Latin American Culture Week is paired up with PAMAR’s educational program called “A Journey Through Latin America,” meant to help promote the history and culture of Latin America while helping artists of Latino decent find an outlet for performing their talents.

This year’s event promises to offer a wide variety of cultural artistic events and performances that will help to educate a mainstream audience about Latin-American culture while introducing some excellent artistic performances to guests attending the event. If you love culture and art, you won’t want to miss watching some of the captivating cultural entertainment you’ll find at this week-long event.

To learn about the Latin American Culture Week, please visit their website here.

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