We all love a good laugh, and you’ll get to chance to chuckle it up for hours this fall at the LA Comedy Film Festival. From November 9th to November 19th, the LA Comedy Film Festival, featuring live comedy performances and plenty of comedic films, will arrive at the Let Live Theatre in Los Angeles.

The Festival’s Goal

The goal of the LA Comedy Film Festival is to share some of the best comedy and animation film features, shorts, pilots, web series, and sketch comedy around to an audience that loves to laugh. Bringing together the community with the people behind the comedic films, the LA Comedy Film Festival hopes to bridge the gap between the two and help promote new comedic talent as well as new films from well-known artists to the public at large.

As the biggest film and live comedy festival occurring annually in the United States, the LA Comedy Festival will have 2200 comedic performers on hand, and show more than 1800 films from both domestic and international comedy talents. Plus, over 28 awards will be presented at the film festival, including best short, best feature film, best live comedy, and best screenplay.

Past Winners

In the past, winners at the LA Comedy Film Festival have later gone on to win many awards, including Oscars, as well as achieving mass distribution and showcasing. Some well-known performers who have had films presented include Emma Thompson, Richard Dreyfuss, Lou Diamond Phillips, Howie Mandel, Henry Winkler, Christina Ricci, Jason Alexander, and many more.

Plus, many industry leaders from famous television networks will be present, including ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, Fox, Comedy Central, MTV, and many more. To learn more about the LA Comedy Film Festival, please visit their website here.

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