New York’s Soft Swerve has decided to add a new fall-inspired flavor to its seasonal list, giving you a new twist on pumpkin spice. The new flavor, called Japanese Pumpkin Soft Serve Ice Cream, will feature some unique blends that will inspire your taste buds to go back for seconds and thirds.

What Japanese Pumpkin Tastes Like

The new flavor features Japanese Pumpkin, which is also known as Kobocha Squash, and this type of pumpkin pops with sweetness and a nutty twist. Many people feel this type of squash tastes like a combination of pumpkin and sweet potato. Also included in the ice cream is a secret bland of spices to add a unique twist to the overall taste.

Making The New Flavor

Soft Swerve’s owners create this flavor by cooking Japanese Pumpkins and then blending their unique spices into the mix. Japanese pumpkins work so well to make ice cream because of their sweetness and ability to create a nice, smooth texture in the ice cream. More traditional pumpkins, which were initially used to create the flavor, didn’t make the texture for ice cream the owners wanted. However, once Japanese Pumpkins were used, their drier, starchier qualities created the exact texture and taste to make an excellent ice cream.

Since pumpkin spice flavors are traditionally popular during the fall season, people are usually interested in trying a flavor like this at this time of year. To provide people with this option, Soft Swerve invented this new flavor, and plans to share it with New Yorkers this season. The new Japanese Pumpkin flavor is comparable to the qualities of Soft Swerve’s most popular flavor on the market today, Ube.

You can try the new Japanese Pumpkin Flavor at Soft Swerve on 85B Allen Street from October 13th to November 2nd for $3.99 each.

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