If you love Halloween, but are tired of the same, old yearly experiences, why not try something a bit different this year—like dinner theatre? Buena Park’s Pirate’s Dinner Adventure runs from October 3rd to October 31st at Treasure Bay’s Annual Masquerade Ball. You’ll get plenty of great dinner options along with a scary and entertaining show with a cast of characters known as Vampirates.

Dinner And A Show

The Vampirates are an entertaining cast of characters, and the show is full of great stunts, catchy music, and several good scares. With vampires taking over the seas at the opening of the show, their leader, the Evil Pirate King Sebastian the Black, entertains with a good deal of frightening adventures. While you eat and enjoy the show, you’ll be reminded that you don’t want to become dinner yourself—or fall prey to the Vampirates.

Plus, if you love dressing up for Halloween, you’ll get a chance to show off your costume skills. Every Saturday and Sunday in October, the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure hosts a costume contest for adults and children of all ages.

When you purchase your tickets, you’ll get to enjoy a four-course dinner, a two-hour Vampirates show, and if you come on a weekend, a costume contest. There’s plenty of fun for the whole family with the Vampirates, and plenty of Halloween fun.

For more information about the Vampirates, tickets, and shows, please go to their website here.

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