Before you embark upon the journey of creating an event experience you are most passionate about, make sure you’re aware of some of these common pitfalls.

Aligning yourself with the right kind of knowledge can be the difference between success and failure. It is easy to start believing misconceptions because they sound deceptively true, but these misconceptions can lead you to misdirecting your efforts when producing your next event.

Make yourself aware of common myths, so you can avoid being mislead and instead, stay focused on success.

Fact: 70-90% of sales happen because of you, not your ticket platform

Many organizers think ticket platforms can increase sales, and a lot of platforms simply mislead them in this assumption. The truth is that you are responsible for the majority of your ticket sales. The event platform you choose will either contribute to your sales or make it harder for you to sell, but it won’t singlehandedly control your sales. Therefore, it’s vital to base your decision on which platform to choose using some of this criteria:

  1. Does the platform have all the features I need to manage my event quickly and efficiently?
  2. How much promotional support can the platform provide me?
  3. Is it just a flat ticketing technology that performs transactions and nothing else? (Chances are the answer to this question is yes. Most ticketing platforms are only providing you with flat ticketing technologies.)
  4. Does it provide all of the technology I need plus also have event discovery and promotional weight?
  5. What is this platform doing for me, beyond ticketing?
  6. Why am I better off with this platform, and not any other? (If you only come up with 1-2 reasons, then something’s not right.)

By the time you get to the fourth question, you should only have two choices left. There are only two platforms that exist that possess the two core ingredients of event discovery and promotional weight, and those are Eventbrite and EventCombo.

Keep in mind that a worthwhile event platform should be able to provide you with marketing support, social media advertising (such as event Facebook advertising), extensive bundling options, affiliate programs, attendee rewards, and multi-date and multi-venue options. Plus, it should allow you to do all of this while promoting your brand at the lowest fees. When we get to the fee stage discussion, you are left with only one option: EventCombo, as only EventCombo has the lowest fees.

At this point, your choice is easy; only EventCombo has all these capabilities and meets all the event experience criteria.

When producing your next event, you need a transparent, committed partner to collaborate with you to progress towards a successful event, and the only company that fits this role perfectly is EventCombo.