Known for providing a selection of excellent coffee houses, Chicago has a vibrant, locally home-grown coffee culture that’s increased in popularity and excellence over the past few years. Chicago is home to a variety of popular coffee bars, many offering innovative take on excellent coffees. If you’re going to be around Chicago anytime soon and want to check out some of the best coffee shops, we’ve compiled a list for you to help save you a bit of time.

Metric Coffee

Metric Coffee’s been around as a coffee provider for many years, and worked wholesale with other shops like Caffe Streets. However, last year they opened their first coffee shop ever, using imported 1961 German Probat cast-iron drums to roast their coffee beans. Metric’s mission is focused on creating the best coffee beverages around, and as a company, they do an excellent job with crafting high-quality, tasty coffee selections. Plus, the coffee shop has a family-owned feeling to it, meaning it’s small, comfy, cozy, and friendly.

Damn Fine Coffee Bar

Located in West Logan Square, Damn Fine Coffee Bar is a very simple, small, friendly, and relaxing place to grab a great cup of coffee. Their menu is full of many quality coffee choices, and if you want to grab a snack with your cup of joe, you have plenty of pastries to pick from. This local hangout is cozy and minimalist, but still very elegant, warm, and inviting.

Hero Coffee Bar

Hero Coffee Bar’s increase in popularity has boomed over the past few months, making this a popular place to visit in Chicago for a great cup of coffee. Hero Coffee Bar offers several great-tasting coffee choices on their menu, and also serves some excellent meals, including fantastic sandwiches.

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