NYC is not only full of great places to eat, but also has a bevy of excellent new and historical breweries to visit. Plus, many NYC breweries are considered some of the best breweries in the world—two recently made the top ten on RateBeer’s Best list—Other Half and Evil Twin. With so many great places to go to grab a beer in the city, we’ve compiled some information to help save you time so you know exactly which breweries you should hit the next time you are out and about in NYC.

Other Half Brewing Co.

Considered one of the two best breweries in NYC, the Other Half Brewing Co. has been in business since 2014 and can be found in Carroll Gardens. Many of the beers made at the Other Half remind beer connoisseurs of New England-style classics, and the bevy of tasty brew produced by this company have become some of the most popular local brews found in the city.

Evil Twin Brewing Co.

Evil Twin operates by contracting with other breweries to produce their beer using a recipe provided by the original brewer, known as gypsy brewing. This place first opened in Copenhagen and then moved to Brooklyn in 2012 utilizing this gypsy brewing method, which allows the business to explore a wide variety of great beer tastes. Like The Other Half, this brewing company is also considered to be one of the best and most popular places to grab a beer in the city.

LIC Beer Project

Opened since 2015, the LIC Beer Project is a 5,500 square-foot brewery house in Long Island that offers over twenty different beers. LIC Beer Project makes IPAs that are very tasty and popular, and the brewery also collaborates with other beer producers to add to their great-tasting variety.

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