Sometimes, especially when it comes to the case of ticketing sites, less is more. Using multiple ticketing platforms may seem like a good idea at first, but you may be unknowingly sabotaging your efforts by doing so. Luckily, there’s no longer any need to utilize multiple ticketing services to try and cover all your bases -- EventCombo provides every feature and type of support you can think of.

More platforms, more money: Fact or Fiction?

Consider the following common misconception: using more than one platform will result in more sales. However, all of the following reasons demonstrate this is nothing more than a myth, with no substantial evidence to back it up.

Imagine going to a different grocery store for every purchase you make. While it’s true that one store might have fresher fruit and another might have cheaper dry goods, consistently having to go to two or three different stores for every trip is exhausting and productively-inefficient. Obviously, the best scenario would be if you could get everything you wanted at just one place, all the best deals, with just one trip. That’s where EventCombo excels, by providing a one-stop-shop, a consolidated ticketing and marketing platform for all your event needs.

Practices to Avoid

Using too many ticketing sites will not just confuse and overwhelm your customers, but it will also create additional work for your company to manage a variety of different customer lists. At each event check-in, you’ll run into a whole new set of problems, as you have to manage attendee entry from a multitude of different sources. Unfortunately, all of these issues can result in the dilution of your business’s sales if customers find the process too tenuous or if you lose valuable time by trying to juggle a bunch of platforms. You can also miss out on building a potentially powerful, symbiotic relationship with a single platform.

The Ultimate Solution

EventCombo is a one-stop ticketing platform that offers every feature your event may need, at a much lower fee-point and with a lot more robustness. For starters, EventCombo uses new and effective social media tools, such as Facebook integration, so you can invite your friends to your events and instantly get hundreds of more attendees. EventCombo’s bundled deals, marketing and advertising support, and lower fees can replace every other ticketing platform you’ve used before. There’s no longer any reason to use multiple ticketing platforms, when you can use one that’s more cost-effective, versatile, and modern than all other flat platforms combined.  

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