Cannabis lovers everywhere can now enjoy cannabis-friendly tours, trips, and events with The Happy Hippy Co. They currently offer two events for cannabis lovers everywhere: San Francisco City Tours and Cannabis Cooking Classes.

San Francisco City Tours

While more details and dates will be offered regarding this upcoming event, The Happy Hippy Co currently plans to offer San Francisco City tours that last four hours each. Anybody over twenty-one years of age can sign up to enjoy this experience, which offers group events at two different start times. The first start time, from 9 AM to 1 PM, starts your visit off early at the local dispensary, follows with the city tour, and ends at the Soma Street Food Park for lunch. The second start time, called The Afternoon Delight Tour, runs from 2 PM to 6 PM, starting at the dispensary, continuing with the city tour, and ending also at the Soma Street Food Park for dinner. Remember to bring along money to purchase your meal once you arrive at the food park.

Cannabis Cooking Classes

The Happy Hippy Co currently offers several Cannabis Cooking Classes located in a variety of cities. Each class lasts two and a half hours long, and educates you about both basic and advanced cannabis culinary techniques. The classes are hosted be well-known cannabis chefs that work with edible companies, who arrive ready to share their knowledge with you. You’ll learn a lot about cannabis cooking whether or not this is your first time educating yourself, or if you already know some cannabis cooking techniques for your kitchen. You’ll learn cannabis cooking techniques in a cannabis friendly setting. Classes cost $79 per person, and you must be twenty-one or older to attend the event.

Other Events

The Happy Hippy Co is currently working on offering other 420-friendly events to their customers, including events known as “Happy Hikes” and a cannabis-friendly trip to the West Coast. Both of these events are still under development, and more details will be offered soon.

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