Gennine Francis started her successful music career in 1971 as the youngest member of the band knowns as “The Jackson Sisters.” While Gennine’s performance resume reflects a long list of impressive accomplishments, her latest venture, known as “The Essence of Whitney” is an idea many of her fans asked her to consider as long ago as 2002. Gennine’s appearance and talents both resemble Whitney Houston, and after much consideration, Gennine Francis finally decided that her next venture would be to perform tributes to Whitney Houston.

Gennine’s Background

Born and raised in Compton, Gennine started her singing career when she was only eight years old, performing with her sisters in a group called the Jacksonics. After performing in talent shows with her sisters, the group was discovered and decided to change their name to “The Jackson Sisters.”

Alongside her sisters, Gennine performed at many small nightclubs, and the group eventually moved to larger events, including the Hollywood Palladium and the Ahmanson Theatre. The Jackson Sisters also appeared on several television shows, including Soul Train, 90 Tonight, and A Couple of Dons. While performing with her sisters, Gennine also toured with some great performers like Bill Cosby, Eddie Kendricks, Smokey Robinson, The Pointer Sisters, and many more. The Jackson Sisters’ recording of “I Believe In Miracles” is still played often in both European and Asian nightclubs.

Starting in 2001, Gennine branched out into her own performance career, and she has performed in several places such as Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. She also performs for private and corporate affairs.

A Whitney Houston Tribute

When Gennine started becoming a regular performer in the Palms Springs area, many of her fans realized she both looked and sounded like Whitney Houston. Gennine was often asked to do Whitney Houston look alike performances, which she first declined. However, after Whitney Houston’s passing, she reconsidered that question, and with the support of many of her fans, decided to perform tributes to Whitney Houston. However, Gennine still worried that she had what it took to live up to Whitney Houston’s standards as a performer, and wanted to make sure she did justice to Whitney Houston’s memory.

When the debut of her “The Essence of Whitney” performances arrived, on October 18th and 19th, 2014, Gennine not only felt honored to work with many in the industry that knew Whitney Houston, but also performed so well that both her fans and critics at the show loved her tribute. Since then, she has continued to perform her “The Essence of Whitney” tribute concerts to rave reviews.

Ticket Info

The next “The Essence of Whitney” concert takes place at Las Vegas’s Cashman Center Theatre on September 9.

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