Come celebrate the culture and history of Downtown Jersey City by attending the All About Downtown Street Fair at Grove Street Path Plaza on September 16th. Hosted by the Historic Downtown Special Improvement District, the aim of the sixth annual All About Downtown Street Fair is to inspire the local businesses that have an impact on the Historic Downtown Jersey City neighborhood to get active in helping to improve the local community. Now you can get active too and enjoy fun family event while enjoying the background of the Downtown Street Fair.

Fun For The Entire Family

The Annual All About Downtown Street Fair kicks off at noon and ends at 8 pm. You’ll have plenty to explore. The fair includes over 250 vendors that will line the streets from Grove Path Plaza to Coles Street. This event also includes an area for kids on First Street, which will include rides, games, face painting, and shopping for children. Also, DayTrippers NJ will be on hand to provide a shuttle bus service so you don’t have to travel far to get to the fair, or back to your car.

Live Entertainment

If live entertainment is something you enjoy, you’ll be able to experience plenty of that throughout the day. The “Rock It Dock It” stage, located on Bay and Newark, will play present plenty of live musical band performances for you to enjoy. If you prefer seeing live DJs perform, the Grove Path Plaza area will have several live DJs performing and rotating throughout the day. Also, the Iris Records Funky Zone will include a second area hosting a rotating set of live DJs.

You’ll also find plenty of places to relax, eat, and enjoy a cocktail at the Downtown Street Fair. Don’t forget that while you attend the event, you’ll get to see the annual Grassroots Drum Parade as well. While you’ll want to bring along some pocket money for food, drinks, and shopping, attending this event is free.

Ticket Info

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