Are you tired of having ice cream the boring old way? Don’t you worry because the Ice Cream Festival is coming to San Fran this September and you’ll be in ice cream heaven! With so many choices and sweets you won’t know what to choose from. The Ice Cream Festival gives you the chance to taste so many different kinds of flavors that you probably never even heard of before. Treat your self with the sweetest and delicious ice cream cone and feel a rush of nostalgia. Feel like a kid again.

Ice Cream Heaven

Celebrate America’s favorite dessert at the San Fran Ice Cream Festival Saturday, August 19th, 2017 at 11AM-4PM, rain or shine! Enjoy ice cream from famous vendors like, Frozen Kuhsterd Bars, Bliss Pops, Lobo Ice Cream and so much more! Enjoy cups, cones, pops, floats, dipped cones, and sprinkle toppings. If you never had ice cream tacos, ice cream beer floats and ice cream sandwiches you can try all of them here at the Ice Cream Festival! Sounds so sweet to me.  You can also compete in an ice cream eating contest. There’s nothing like a good ice cream cone or cup on a hot summer day. It’s a full summer day of fun and activities for the whole entire family with so much ice cream, you’re not going to know which flavor to pick! As summer is coming to an end this is a perfect activity to do and enjoy!

Ticket Info

$5 festival admission; children 14 and under are free.

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