Get ready to enjoy a unique cultural celebration of Afro-culture at Chicago’s Room 43 event venue starting September 7th and running through September 10th. You’ll get to enjoy a demonstration of love and respect for Afro-Rhythms, dance, and culture while becoming both immersed and educated about a unique heritage. 

Experience Amazing Music & Dance Styles 

During this four-night event, there will be five different live DJs performing, three days for boot-camp style workshops focusing on music and dance, two dance rooms, one live concert with Mika Mendes and P. Lowe, and one Tri-Level Yacht Party. This event is focused on Afro, Caribbean, and Latin sounds i.e. Semba, Kizomba, Konpa (from Haiti), Brazilian Zouk, Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Bachata, Afro House and Afro Beats.

At this event, you’ll get to witness a wide variety of live entertainment that’s inspired by African-American tradition and culture. Attendees will celebrate several styles of music and dance, including kizomba, semba, kuduro, and Afro-House.

Kizomba music originated in 1970s Africa, emerging primarily from Angola and Cape Verde. Kizomba music is slow, romantic, and sensuous compared to the traditional Angola semba music, which is a faster, more upbeat dance sound. Also, kizomba music is usually composed in Portuguese. 

Another African music genre you’ll experience at this event includes the more traditional semba music, with its historical Angolan influences deriving from the Portuguese colonization of Angola. Semba is usually faster, emotional, and focuses on telling a witty story.

Kuduro is another genre the event presents, and is another type of music developed in Angola in the 1980s. Kuduro is very energetic, up-tempo, and danceable.

You’ll also get a taste of Afro-House music, which is a musical style that uses synthesizer heavy traditional DJing methods and freestyling to create a hip-hop beat sound used as dance music.

Confirmed DJs & Artists

The DJs that will be performing at this event include:

  • DJ Chad
  • DJ Kimani Rashad
  • DJ Peejay
  • DJ ElCaobo
  • DJ Romeo

The artists that will present live music at this event are as follows:

  • Helio Santos
  • Maunel Dos Santos & Flavie
  • Philippe & Upa Danca
  • Shafeeha Monae
  • Gwany & Kizzy
  • Pierre & Sarah
  • Audi MPK
  • Marc Brewer
  • Butherly
  • Mouace Konate
  • Carlos Cinta

Ticket Info

Ticket prices vary from $40-$230, depending on how many nights you attend and which parts of the event you wish to participate in. Purchase your tickets right here on EventCombo

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