There’s no denying just how much we all enjoy wine, cheese, and chocolate. Why not spend some time both tasting and learning about these three fantastic creations? On October 21st, at Manhattan Beach CA’s Tin Roof Bistro, you’ll be able to educate yourself about all three while indulging your taste buds during a wine, cheese, and chocolate class brought to you by wineLA.

While learning about wine, cheese, and chocolate during the class, you’ll also get to taste a variety of great combinations from each category, allowing you to explore the contrasts behind the tastes of each one of these mouthwatering creations. You’ll have the opportunity to taste five different gourmet cheeses, five excellent chocolates, and ten wonderful wines.

Hosted By Ian Blackburn, Candidate For Master of Wine

The wine, cheese, and chocolate class will be hosted by Ian Blackburn. Blackburn hosts 50-100 wine events yearly, and is a professional wine enthusiast who tastes, buys, sells, and teaches about wine. Blackburn has been involved in hosting both public and private events, and is widely known in the wine world for his expert knowledge, which he will share with you during the wine, cheese, and chocolate class.

A Class Created By wineLA

The organizers of the wine, cheese, and chocolate class, wineLA, is an organization that formed in 1995 with the goal of enriching Los Angeles’s wine experience and knowledge. As event organizers, wineLA promotes events, classes, and trainings that work towards this goal. Besides their upcoming wine, cheese, and chocolate class, they also offer a variety of other events, including:

Wine On The 101—September 4 In Santa Barbara. During this one-day trip event, you’ll get to experience three different wineries in Santa Barbara with host Ian Blackburn.

Wine Camp—September 10 In Downtown LA. This two-hour wine class, recommended by Yelp, CBS, LA Times, and Where Magazine, will cover all the basics about wine, including how it’s made, how to serve it, how to pair wine with food, and much more.

Champagne Challenge—September 16 And 17 In Downtown LA. At this fun tasting event, you’ll get to blindly try various wines and champagnes to see what you like best.

Tasting South Africa—October 4 In Marina Del Rey. This event focuses on tasting and learning about the various wines from South Africa with host Ian Blackburn.

Palate Builder—October 14 In Downtown LA. During this event, you’ll get to play a wine guessing game by tasting wines blindly and trying to name them. You’ll also get to learn how to taste and smell wine so that you can more easily recognize the differences in your wine selections.

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