Indian food lovers of all ages are invited to come and enjoy the Varli Food Festival 2017 on September 10th at Martinsville Gardens, NJ. This unique Indian tasting food festival is set up to provide fun, entertainment, and especially food for the entire family. You’ll get to experience Indian food from more than forty Indian restaurants, as well as the ability to meet celebrity chefs from all over the world.

A Bevy Of Indian Culture, Food, & Fun

There’s more than enough action at the Varli Food Festival, with events for both adults and children to enjoy. Probably the best-loved event provided by the Varli Food Festival is the restaurant tasting booths. On site, over forty restaurants and caterers will pass out samples of their best dishes for guests of all ages to try.

Both the restaurants and guests benefit from the food sampling opportunity, since restaurants can attract new, interested customers, and people can find some great food they will want to revisit later on, or tell friends and family about.

Another popular event is the Varli Junior Cook-Off, where kids work side-by-side with celebrity chefs to make great food and compete against each other. There are also cooking demos given by celebrity chefs for kids, and cookbook signings.

Plus, your participation in the Varli Food Festival will be a part of what the festival will donate. 100% of all the Varli Food Festival’s proceeds goes to the Diya Foundation. The Diya Foundation is a service that helps provide medical care, nutrition, and education to children living in countries that have difficulty providing these services to them.

To learn more about the Varli Food Festival, please visit their website. Make sure to check out this YouTube clip to get a sense about how The Varli Food Festival will be like:

 Ticket Pricing & Info

Tickets cost $45 for adults and with the purchase of one adult ticket, you also get two ticket entries for two children under the age of 15. If you need more children’s tickets, they cost an additional $20 each. For more information, or to purchase tickets, please go to

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