Are you looking for a recipe guide, or a way to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle? If so, Caribbean Green Living offers a wonderful list of recipes, guides and resources on their website to help you get started. Caribbean Green Living also offers a set of fun classes and events to help guide you on your recipe and healthy eating journey.

Make Delicious Meals for You and Your Loved Ones

Caribbean Green Living’s website offers free advice to help you with your meals. Their free food information allows you to sample some of Caribbean Green Living’s ideas before signing up for a meal plan.

For those of you that want more guidance with your eating, Caribbean Green Living offers a choice to sign up for affordable, paid meal plans here.  Currently they offer one plan, called the Frugal Meal Plan, with another, called the Smart Choice Plan, still under development.

For $8 a month, you can benefit from the Frugal Meal Plan’s guidance, including:

  • Access to hundreds of exclusive recipes, cooking tips, videos, and more
  • Frugal Caribbean Cooking Guide
  • Frugal Member eCookbook
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Access to our Facebook Group Healthy Living
  • Meal Plan Ideas
  • Weekly Newsletter

Classes & Events

Caribbean Green Living offers a set of classes known as Gemma’s Cooking Classes. Each class is about three hours long, and contains a maximum of fourteen students. You’ll receive a recipe guide with each class, and enjoy a completed, sit down meal with your fellow learners at the end of each class. Gemma’s Cooking Classes cost $95 each.

To read up more on Caribbean Green living, please visit their Facebook page.

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