As an agency focused on spirituality and transcendental teachings, the Podell Agency both looks for something unique in their clients, and offers something unique to the world. The Podell Agency’s primary focus is to assist spiritual leaders and teachers so that they can better reach out to people in search of their guidance worldwide. Some of the ways the Podell Agency helps these spiritual leaders and teachers connect with others is through events, livestreaming, festivals, publishing, and other sources of media and communication.

The Podell Agency Events

The Podell Agency offers a variety of events that connect spiritual healers with public. Some of their events include:

  • Thomas John: Developing Your Intuitive Mind Workshop. At this event, Thomas John taught people how to deal with their intuitive minds so that event attendees could apply intuition in all aspects of their lives.
  • Daniel Pitchbeck’s Ecology and Psychic Evolution Lecture. Daniel Pitchbeck taught his guests how to handle their underlying psychic realities so they could better understand how their altered states of consciousness affect them, and how they can utilize these states to achieve success.

The People Behind The Podell Agency

The Podell Agency’s main co-founder, Johnny Podell, is a legendary rock and roll agent whose musical career has spanned over four decades. He has represented many Hall of Fame artists, including Blondie, the Allman Brothers, Alice Cooper, and many others. Podell also helped the famous magician David Blaine kick off his career, and has worked with Brittany Spears. In 2012, Podell started meditating and experienced a spiritual awakening, and decided to form the Podell Agency in 2013 with the goal of spreading spiritual healing and teaching to others.

Allison Storm co-founded The Podell Agency in 2013 with Johnny Podell. For 13 years, prior to starting The Podell Agency, she had a successful corporate fashion career. Allison has worked for many agencies, such as Liz Claiborne and Guess. In 2012, she experienced a similar spiritual awakening to Johnny’s. After meeting Johnny Podell in 2013, she worked with him to help form the Podell Agency.

Noah Perabo, who has worked with Johnny Podell as a music agent in the past also works at the Podell Agency. Prior to his start at the Podell Agency, Noah has collaborated with many famous musical talents, like Peter Gabriel and Erasure.

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