If you love beer, why not combine one of your favorite brews with something else you enjoy doing, like yoga? Lexington Brewing Company and Wine House is offering two fun upcoming options for you, one called Yoga on Tap at the Brewery and the other called Beach Glass Jewelry or Wind Chime Class at the Brewery. These events promise to be fun and educational with plenty of socialization and beer options.

A Great Combination: Yoga and Beer

Many of us love yoga and find it relieves stress—so why not mix it with your favorite beer to make it even more relaxing? Lexington Brewing Company and Wine House offers a 60 Minute All-Levels Yoga Class, plus a pint of beer or glass of wine, which costs $20 for one class or $54 for a three-class package. You can also purchase additional beverages or food if you wish. Make sure you bring your own mat and enjoy a fantastic yoga class with Certified Yoga Teacher Kelsie Phillippo.

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Make Jewelry or Wind Chimes at the Brewery

Besides yoga, the Lexington Brewing Company and Wine House also offers additional class options for people interested in learning how to make jewelry or wind chimes and indulge in their favorite beers. Guests can sign up either for the jewelry class, or the wind chime class. In the jewelry class, you can learn how to make a beach glass necklace with a chain, a set of earrings, a key ring and a wine charm. The wind chime class will teach you how to make a gorgeous Wind Chime with beads, beach glass, and charms.

When you sign up for one of the two classes, you will be given a kit to help you make your unique item that includes beach glass and materials, but you are also encouraged to bring your own beach class or designs. These classes cost $35 per person. Besides this covering the cost of your supplies, you’ll also be given a beer or wine beverage. To learn more about the event, please go here.

To purchase tickets, please go here.

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