If you are one of those people that enjoys excellent beer and cocktails, and loves to wind down in a bar-like atmosphere, then you’ll enjoy the events Social Scene offers. Many people love winding down with a few good beers or cocktails at bars, but of course, don’t usually participate in charities while relaxing this way. With Social Scene, you can search for event charity fundraisers in your area that encourage both togetherness and socialization while enjoying a bar-like scene.

So, if you enjoy having fun and giving back to charity, then participating in the Social Scene schedule should satisfy your needs.

Get Your Drink On

The Social Scene is a company offering online and traditional assistance with both corporate events and brand promotion, often planning private events. Social Scene, a part of the Social Scene, exists as an online marketplace advertising over two hundred events a year to help connect attendees with venues and corporate brand connection.

Using the Social Scene searches through their website, found here, you can locate various drinking events taking place at several venues throughout the country.  Many of their events are bar crawls and bar like events including tastings, yacht parties, and holiday events.

The venues listed on the Social Scene website focuses on charity fundraisers located in ten different cities: Denver, Chicago, Fort Worth, Dallas, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Nashville. Social Scene always partners with the venue’s city, including a local charity to donate some of the proceeds to.  So, you can not only have fun, but also know that while you are enjoying yourself, you are also contributing to charity.

To read up more about Social Scene and their upcoming events, please go here.

Social Scene’s Goals

The goal of the festivities promoted by the Social Scene via Social Scene is to encourage people to enjoy alcohol safely while meeting others, interacting, and having fun. Social Scene offers many of its ticket sales online for its various events, since part of the company’s goal is to make ticket purchasing easy and accessible for all.

Social Scene strives to offer these fun, safe, enjoyable drinking events throughout the country, making sure that they present cool, fun, creative themes at each event they offer.   

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