Have you or your children ever dreamed about acting, singing, or engaging in any of the performing arts? If so, Popovsky Performing Arts Studio offers everything you’ll need to kick start either your or your family’s talent. Popovsky Performing Arts Studio brings lessons in the performing arts to all that wish to cultivate their talent.

About the Popovsky Performing Arts Studio

The fastest growing performing arts studio in Lancaster, Popovsky started in 2007 as a private voice studio. Since then, it’s popularity and success allowed it to grow into a full-fledged performing arts studio offering private voice lessons, workshops, acting classes, master’s classes, and performance opportunities for upcoming artists.

The teachers operating Popovsky’s performing arts curriculum are all passionate about both education and the performing arts. The mission of the studio is to allow students to grow in all categories of the performing arts to create versatile performers.

What the Popovsky Performing Arts Studio Offers

Popovsky holds classes that cover all aspects of the performing arts, including:

Acting. The goal of the acting classes offered by Popovsky is to help students learn speech, movement, reading, improvisation, and character development skills.

Dance. Students learning dance are taught to learn how to develop a story through movement while improving self-esteem and keeping their brain active.

Music Together. This class is an internationally recognized early childhood music program for children ages 0 to 6. Children are taught music, how to sing, and keep a beat while their caregivers attend the class with them.

Piano. This class focuses on teaching children both how to read music and how to play a musical instrument.

Voice. Students learn singing and contemporary voice training techniques to improve their song styles.

Events. Students are offered chances to perform in a series of events put on by Popovsky, allowing them to obtain experience on stage.

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I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

Come and check out Popovsky’s hilarious comedic musical. It focuses on the funny realities that all relationships share: new and old. 

Need a good laugh? Then, make sure to come out and see Popovsky’s very own musical!

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