Brownstone 1937 offers an excellent event, called the Pop Up Restaurant, on June 25. If you enjoy tasting fantastic gourmet cuisine from a well-known chef, then you’ll be in for a treat when you attend this event. You’ll get to enjoy an excellent meal alongside great people, which is sure to be a great way to start your week.

Pop Up Restaurant Features 6 Star Chef Misja Ruijis

Brownstone 1937’s pop-up restaurant highlights the talents of Chef Misja Ruijis, who has served various Sandals Resorts and also worked aboard the six-star luxury cruise ship “The Crystal Symphony.” Misja is famous for what his “Caribbean Fusion” food. He will be cooking up some of that island fusion and serve you a seven-course meal. This is a very special event, and you can’t get this sort of experience just anywhere.

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Some of the food that Chef Ruijis plans to serve to guests includes:

  • Watermelon sprinkled with blue cheese and made with aged Balsamic Reduction
  • Cheese tortellini
  • A plate of gourmet cheeses
  • Thinly sliced prosciutto
  • Fried shrimp cooked with Coconut Red Curry
  • Pear and pineapple flambé mixed with Chantilly cream
  • Thinly sliced prosciutto

The Host: Brownstone 1937

Brownstone 1937 is a cooking school, catering service, and venue located in Harlem and decorated like a speakeasy. Chef Antoinette Willard, from South Africa, created the restaurant and has served in the kitchen of Brownstone 1937 for over two decades.  To learn more about Brownstone 1937, please go here.

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