As warmer weather approaches, why not check out the rooftop at Hoboken’s Dubliner? It is the only rooftop eatery located in the area. Most customers of the Dubliner return because of the excellent service and fantastic food, beverage, and event offerings, so you’re sure to have a great time.

The Dubliner’s Food

The food served at the Dubliner takes a piece right out of Americana. The offerings follow a traditional menu most people enjoy alongside drinking their beer of choice. With appetizers like buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and quesadillas, you can bite into some of the best tasting finger food in Hoboken if you don’t want to fill up on a meal. If you do want a meal, however, then you have a great selection of salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches, and pies to pick from. Brunch is also offered with a variety of egg plates and omelets.

The Dubliner is made up of three levels: a lower level, a middle level, and the rooftop bar. Each floor offers its own specials and activities. The first floor, or the lower level, hosts a Karaoke Night every Monday, a Trivia Night on Wednesdays, and free wings on Tuesdays. The second floor, or the middle level, gives you a half-priced pizza on game nights when you wear your team’s jersey. The second floor also offers free wings every Tuesday. The third floor, or rooftop bar, has Monday Night Football with $10 All You Can Eat Wings and $17 Corona Buckets. On Tuesdays, the rooftop bar offers a Cigar, Scotch and Bourbon Night, selling a cigar along with spirits for $20. The rooftop bar also has a two for one night for all bar bites and cocktails all night long on Wednesdays.

The Dubliner’s Events & Specials

The Dubliner is more than just the usual restaurant. Besides the excellent food and beverage choices, the restaurant also hosts a wide variety of events. Each day of the week brings its own theme and selection of specials, including:

Mug Mondays: $2 Mugs of Bud Light, $3 Mugs of Yuengling,Sam Seasonal & Blue moon, $5 Any Smirnoff mixed drinks

Tuesdays: $2 Mugs of Bud light, $5 Smirnoff mixed drinks

Wine Wednesdays: $5 any glass of wine, $2 Mugs of Bud Light, $3 Mugs of Yuengling, Sam Seasonal & Blue Moon, $5 Smirnoff mixed drinks, $7 Dubliner Bomb Shots!!!

Thirsty Thursdays: $2 Mugs of Bud light, $3 Mugs of Yuengling, Sam Seasonal & Blue moon, $5 Smirnoff mixed drinks, $5 Dubliner Bombs (till 8pm) $7, $5 Martinis, $5 Any glass of wine

Fridays: $2 Mugs of Bud light, $3 Mugs of Yuengling, Sam Seasonal & Blue Moon, $12 Pitchers of Bud light, $13 Pitchers of Yuengling, $5.00 mixed drinks (well), $5 specialty drinks, $5 Any glass of wine, $7 Dubliner Bombs

Saturdays: $2 Mugs of Bud Light, $3 Mugs of Yuengling, $12 Pitchers of Bud light, $13 Pitchers of Yuengling

Sundays, The Cure Day: $5 Bloody Marys, $5 Screw Drivers, $2 Mugs of Bud Light, $3 Mugs of Yuengling, $5 Any glass of wine, $5 Smirnoff mixed drinks, $7 Dubliner Bombs

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