Comedian Jessica Kirson has a unique and no-holds-barred style, including a multitude of impressions, which makes her seriously entertaining. Though she started doing stand up, Kirson has developed an impressive performance history, including NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”. She received “Best Female Comic” by the MAC association in New York City. Starting in August, Kirson will be touring in Delaware, Florida, and New York.

Zoe Miller: How do you think being from New Jersey and having a Jewish background has influenced your comedy and your way of thinking?

Jessica Kirson: I grew up in South Orange, NJ, an area that was very diverse. I learned about a lot of cultures. Growing up with a Jewish background means growing up around a ton of laughter. My family was always able to laugh at ourselves.

ZM: You’re an extremely successful comedian who has been on a number of different shows and performed in front of a wide array of audiences. Which performances have made the best impression on you and why?

JK: My favorite shows to do are benefits and fundraisers because I feel like I’m giving back.

ZM: For you, how does stand-up compare to other types of shows, such as your podcast, The Jessica Kirson Podcast, or a television show?

JK: Stand up is my first passion I love doing it. I love making videos, writing, all of it but my favorite is live performance.

ZM: Which comedian has been your favorite to work with? If you could collaborate with one person, past or present, who would it be?

JK: Working with Jim Breuer has been amazing. He is hysterical on and off stage.

ZM: Although you have a large fan base, all people in the public eye, especially women, receive negative feedback once in a while. What’s the best way you deal with this criticism?

JK: I don’t take it personally. I realized over time that people can be very mean because of their own stuff. I pray for them. I also try not to read it too much.