Recently EventCombo got a chance to sit down with Shahbano Farid to talk about her new film, Safar. We’ve got the latest on her reflections and analysis of what her film represents. Farid defined what Safar reflects, as the word means journey, and the video itself symbolized her own personal journey.

Shabano Farid’s Path to Filmmaking

When Farid earned her B.S. in Marketing from the Virginia Commonwealth University, she discovered she had earned a degree in an area different than where  her true passion lay: in film. She decided she’d teach herself how to create and edit film. As you may well imagine, this was not an easy task for someone with no prior experience in working with film. She landed a post grad internship with a clothing company. There she created personal vlogging (video blogging) videos, and this period of time allowed her to get more acquainted with film process. At this point, is when Shahbano realized that film is what she really wanted to spend her life pursuing.

The Idea Behind Shahbano’s Film: Safar

After Farid completed her vlogging stint, she decided to join her mother and go to Pakistan to visit her grandmother. Farid envisioned this might be a great opportunity to come up with an idea for a film—and she found inspiration in her visit.

 Farid realized she wanted to make a film about those living in Karachi to demonstrate how normal their aspirations are in comparison to those dreams held by others in parts of the world, such as New York. Farid wanted to show that just like people living in New York, the people in Karachi have many of the same worries and dreams. For instance, those living in Karachi still want the best for their children, to find opportunity, to seek justice, and to live with the basic necessities like food, water, and clothing. In Shahbano’s own words"

At the time, I thought I would make a film shadowing the concept of Human’s of New York with the people from Karachi. I wanted to highlight the normalcy of life in Karachi and share how people regardless of race religion or sex have a lot more common with the rest of the world. How they want bright futures for their children, opportunity, justice, food, water, etc.”

After interviewing over thirty people from all walks of life in Karachi, she edited her film and with the help of Nathaniel Tonelli, she put the final concept of the film together.

Farid’s completed film presents a focus on women in the workplace, and how many amazing women are influencing new changes and opportunities in Karachi for other women. Farid was able to use several of the interviews she completed with women in Karachi to support this concept in her documentary.

To learn more about Farid’s incredible journey and eye-opening documentary titled Safar, please go here.

You can also check out Farid's website to learn more about her work here

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