Drones are slowly becoming the go-to device for taking pictures at events. They are able to capture angles you normally wouldn’t be able to catch with a regular camera. The Winter Olympics in Sochi brought a different element to the games by using drones to film ski and snowboarding events.

What makes drones so popular is its flexibility to move through a space to capture pictures at various angles. With skiing it’s able to capture downhill shots, some drones are even able to catch HD video.

It’s becoming the future of sports broadcasting and will soon become the norm for other events too. The drones are able to provide an almost 3D viewing experience that will make watches feel like they’re on the field.

Picture Perfect Portrait and Design, an Iowa based company offering wedding pictures with the use of drones, is just one example of the expanding drone services - also known as drone photography. The results are beautiful and gives couples moments they’ll never want to forget. Although drone regulations are still in the works in some countries due to concerns about crashes, the risks are low; and as more people see the benefits of using drones, they will quickly be seen at all types of events.

It’s safe to say that drones are the future of photography and video, but not too soon. There are still small technical issues that are being worked on, such as the fact that drones can only shoot events for about 30 minutes. Also, the weight of the camera sometimes weighs the drone down a bit making it prone to crashes. To hire a drone photographer will cost around $400 but the results are worth it. Besides those small glitches, your outdoor event could benefit from the use of a drone to capture any great moments.